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EE Plan and veggie


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I'm a BO member and as yet no info on EE has been given (grrrr) so all I know is what I've picked up here (thanks guys!).

Anyhows, what I want to know is....

I am veggie - is there any advantage to EE for me? I only do green days anyway so being able to have free amounts of meat / fish AND pasta / pots / rice together is no real advantage. But are there are other benefits (suitable for a veggie) that I don't know about?

Thanks guys.
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EE will be of no benefit to you. It basically means that you can eat food that is free on red and green days together, and for that privilege, you only get 1 HEXA and 1HEXB. As you don't eat any red food, it wouldn't work for you.


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As a veggie I personally think I am worse off on EE as only allowed 1 A and 1 B - this said I am trying it for a few days.
My SWC has said it is not any way forward for me and the fact that people who do red days are raving about meat and potatoes/rice in the same meal is what veggies have always been able to do.:)


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Thanks for the replies - this is what I thought! I eat so much quorn as a meat substitute and obv can have that with rice/pot etc already. I think I would struggle with only 1 HE a & b. Shame as I was hoping a new plan would give me a much needed boost but nevermind. x


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I am a veggie and won't be bothering with EE at all. I must admit I do get very annoyed that we are never catered for when things change but at least the green plan has variety and works well :)


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The only advantage EE may have for vegetarians is that if we hit a plateau only having 1 A and 1 B could help?I did EE yesterday and managed with the 1A and 1 B and should be okay for today.Irene


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I think you are mad to follow EE if you are a veggie!!! lol ;) There is no advantage for you whatsoever. If anything you are depriving yourself of HE A's and B's with no benifits at all...at least we get to eat red and green foods together if we forego them!
On the green plan, you can choose to only have 1 HE A anyway, so why not do that and still have 2 HE B's!!??


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