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Eek! Someone told me I'm too thin!!!

I can't believe it....a nice lady at the gym asked me to promise to stop losing weight as there's nothing left of me! LOL...it was nice of her but I weigh over 14 stone and my BMI is just under 29...there's still plenty of me to go around!

Has anyone else had this reaction when they are still quite far off target...it's weird?! And confusing!:eek:
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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
lots of people post about how their family and friends tell them they have lost enough weight as they get nearer to goal. I think the polite way of answering these people without offending is that you are clinically still 21lb overweight and will keep dieting until you feel comfortable with yourself.

Remember though that BMI is only a guide, and not everyone needs to get down to BMI 25 to look good.

I too am over 14 stones and still obese and I have had people tell me Ive lost enough!! It can really mess with your head though so if you want to continue losing, then do so.

What size clothes are you wearing now?
S: 13st7lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 3st0lb(22.22%)
I have only been on the diet 3 weeks and my Mum say's, 'oh Darling dont take this diet thing too far will you' !! too far, I have only lost a stone and have another 3 to go !. I think people just are used to seeing you the way you were and when they see you thinner it sort of shocks them. Just keep up the good work and stop when you want to stop not when someone else tells you too.
Last time around on CD lots of people starting telling me this when I was about a stone off target and I remember my team at work being really concerned and telling me to stop as I looked gaunt - nice, heh?

I think the problem is that people get used to seeing you as fat and when you lose weight quickly it is a shock to them. I tend to lose weight off my face very quickly and even though I'm overweight I have always had a slim face and distinguished cheekbones anyway.

I noticed a few years ago when my brother lost weight that I thought he looked really ill because of how quickly it came off but a few months later he sort of grew into the look and seemed more full of colour. He was the same weight but just looked healthier a few months later. I don't know whether that was because we had got used to it or he genuinely looked healthier.
I have found that now i am close to goal (all be it a goal at the top end of my height -weifgt range), ppl are trying to sabbotage the diet!!, take yesterday i popped up town with my mum and we went in to a little supermaket and mum picked up some stuff for lunch as my sister was popping over and mum said to me "what cake shal we get what one do YOU WANT & WHAT DO YOU WANT INTHE FRENCH STICK" grrrrrr, had to say to her no mum i am not haveing any i dont wanr to ruin my diet "i cheated a little last wk water intake was down to normal and my loss showed that to me" i got thrown back that i did have a cheat so can this wk!!! ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and that is just 1 example i have had!!
Hubby is in NY and he meet up with an old friend a few nights ago. His mate's mouth basically hit the floor and his eyes literally popped out of his head.
Hubby has lost a load of weight.

He gets told by collegues to stop dieting even though he has still got a few more stones to lose.
Thanks girls...glad to know I'm not alone! I know I have so much to lose that it freaked me out to be told I was too thin!

Sam, I'm a size 16, depending on the shop of course! but I'm 5' 10" so maybe I have more room to hide the fat!
Sometimes the people that tell you you have lost to much are maybe a bit jealous of you cos you are strong enough to stick at it and they are not well done on your loss keep at it xxx
Thanks Sam. I actually started on 2 June, on LL and lost 3 st 10lbs. I went straight to CD after 12 weeks and I've lost another 1st 4lbs on CD. But still have another stone and a half to go, and that won't even get me to BMI 25!

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