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effect of having 2 bars ??

Hey guys,
i know we are not allowed 2 bars, but today I know i am going to struggle big time, no excuses, I just have that 'feeling' :(
So normally i either a) pick :cry: or b) tell my hubby and knowing he is home i will be ok, but today my hubby and son are off to watch there beloved Birmingham city (hopefully get promoted) and its a late kick off, which means my 'danger time' between 4 - 6pm I am on my own :cry:
I had planned to go shopping to take me out the equasion, but now decided to stay at home and watch the footie on telly ;)

so i have alreay had 1/3 of a bar and cut the other bit in 2 for later ;)
But now i am thinking, how much damage would another bar do, could cut that in 3 hence having 5 pieces to eat at intervals with a cuppa later ??? I could manage just having 1 shake, but i am worried about the weight loss if i do have 2 bars, they are the cranberry bars by the way??

What do you all think ??
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I know someone who couldn't stand any of teh shakes or soups and lost 4 st on 3 bars a day.
I've had two bars many times, just not gone over the three CD meals a day.
You may get a bit windy!!
Better two bars then start picking :p
The reason your only supposed to have 1 bar, is that they contain slightly more carbs than the shakes, some people are really sensitive & those few extra carbs will knock them out of ketosis, where as others could have 4 bars a day and be fine.
if i`m working (4 hours of hoovering) i know i can have 2 bars + 2 shakes and be fine.
Good Luck x
ow so pleased to read this as being totm i got a massive craving and felt so hungry the other day i ended up having 2 shakes and 2 bars ... it was just the once my weight is still coming off phew but atleast i know if i need to get out off a hole then it can be done i am sure the old witch totm will get me again ...

treat yourself and jog up and down the stairs a few times make yourself feel better about the 2nd bar lol xx


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The cranberry bars have 14.4g of carbs in them, the shakes have 14.1g and the porridge has 16.1g
the cranberry & peanut bars are lower in carbs.....the other are all around 24.7g.
But the cranberry & peanut tend to cause quite bad wind, so it it suggest you only have one of these for this reason.
I would imagine 2 of these bars could be quite painful....but again they don`t affect every one in the same way. x
When buying bars, I only buy the peanut & cranberry and have had 2 many times without problems. Then again, when eating food, my OH always says my guts aren't normal as I can eat a bowl of brussell sprouts with no worries, lol :giggle:
The cranberry bars have 14.4g of carbs in them, the shakes have 14.1g and the porridge has 16.1g
Thanks for that, so happens Cranberry and Peanut are my fav, - i haven't had any windy or bloaty problems thankfully i think as i eat mine with a pint of water it washes it done nicely so full afterwards, i also drink my ready mades with a pint and seem so much fuller

lovely day nephew and sister on their way and want breakfast ( full english ) oh well nothing taste as good as slim feels so they say !!! i will have a nice banana shake !


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When I was doing Lighter Life, I had 2 bars a day when I went away. It was basically driving through Europe and I wouldn't have been able to mix shakes. I had no side effects and my weight loss was fine.

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