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Eggs - Confused ?


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Can anyone tell me if they count the carb content of an egg. I have seen receipes that dont count the value and I have just read a clipping out of a paper that indicated a 1g value towards your daily allowance. I have read the induction part of the book and there doesnt seem to be an indication that you count the carb. Can some please help :D
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I don't either. The eggs I buy say the carb content is trace on the packaging, perhaps check yours. I would say any carbs in them would be negligible in any case and you should therefore not worry about it.

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I count them as 0.5 each as I eat so many I wouldn't want to disregard the carb content completely.


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I wouldn't bother. I've never bought eggs where it said they had a carb value on the box.


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My suggestion is there are two main ways to do atkins induction easily:
Follow it exactly eg 3 mugs veg, 10 olives etc and dont do any counting at all. Particularly useful in first two weeks on scary induction
Count everything and let yourself try slightly different things out. For example i've been on induction for 6 months and couldnt have done that without mims, berries and a few tomatoes - i just make sure im in the 20g
Hi, I weigh everything on my Nutriscales from Lloyds pharmacy which calculates foods calories, carbs, protein, fat, sat fats, salt, cholesterol. It indicates that a large egg is 0.5g carbs and I do add it in the total because I eat alot of eggs, Debra


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I eat loads of eggs a week too, and I don't count them :)

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