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They aren't that high in calories (approx 75-80 per egg), and the link between eggs and high cholestorol has been proved to be wrong (read this in the paper the other week), plus they are a filling, and nutritious food.

If SW is going to work for you, you need to trust the information that SW provides. If it was bad for you they simply wouldn't have it as a free food.


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I have 2 or 3 eggs everyday. They are filling, nutritious, full of protein and low carb. I believe that the British heart foundation has removed its recommendation for a limit on the amount of eggs eaten. They are great for slimmers! :)


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If you have been advised to watch your cholesterol by the doctor, then I would suggest only having maybe 1 or 2 a week, but for all other people then there is no longer a limit!

Eggs are a good source of protein, scientifically proven to keep you fuller for longer!


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Plus it's not like you're gonna be eating hundreds of them a day...what 3 or 4 max. So if you made a big frittata or omelette for lunch, used 3 eggs and a load of veg, that's only 240 cals for the eggs...a really low calorie meal.
Eggs are so filling, a couple boiled in the morning will keep me going until lunch with no hunger pangs. Wouldn't say they are high in calories either....for 160 calories you've got yourself a substantial breakfast
Ah thank u for all the helpful info!
It has reassured me, I realise SW wouldn't say wrong things I was just a little concerned as I seem to have about 3 a day. But I shall carry on having them as they do appear to fill me up!
Thanks again xx
Thanks so much for this info!!

I love eggs could eat them with everything!!!
Yum yum could eat that all day!!!

Note to self do not come on here when peckish!!!
Love my poacked eggs (2 of them) on my HexB Bread every morning with a synful Brown sauce instead of butter!
Oh and are so filling I love left over potatoes sliced up and fried in frylight until golden brown,with mushrooms, onion, and Amy leftover veg you may have in the fridge! then add 2 fried eggs (done in frylight that is) nice and runny and sprinkle some smoked paprika over the eggs and enjoy x
I love having scrambled eggs with spaghetti hoops on top for breakfast, as others have said it keeps me full until lunchtime & free's up a HEXB which I would have used for cereal - I do find they give me problems in the toilet department even though I'm eating loads of fruit & veg, guess I'll have to find the right balance xx

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