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Ekkkk there is a hurricane coming

Mrs Harley

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Just a ramble really .....

We have been in Texas a year...my god thats gone quick...and June 1st is the start of the Hurricane season....it usually lasts until about Nov... last year we didnt see any where we live and didnt really prepare.

This year however there are already 14 hurricanes on the radar, the first is called Alex and up until last night was a tropical storm...just found out it is now a category 1 hurricane and expected to be upgraded to category 2 around 2am (central US time) A Category 1 storm packs sustained winds of 74-95 mph, and a stronger Category 2 storm has sustained winds of 96-110 miles an hour....still a tiny one when you think of Katrina and Ike, but it would seem they get stronger as we get more into the season.....yikes

It is expected to hit Mexico and South Texas but it is already causing disruption as roads and causeways are being closed. The weather here in Houston this week so far has been stormy with some great lightening storms but today it is really noticeable that the wind is changing and getting stronger. Apparently we will be on the dirty side of the storm, therefore we will be getting all the rubbish and dirt it throws out.

Now I am not one to panic but today we had a guy out to give us a quote on hurricane shutters for the house (we have 13 very big windows) and he said I need to get this quote out to you today because you will be needing them quick...and it made me think guess I need to put together a hurricane pack....just in case...........more expense.....but you never know we may need one.

So while we sit and wait and watch the trees swaying really hard I hope everyone in the UK is having great weather....

Oh even with the storms we have temps here of 35 degrees today but with humidity feels a whole lot more...god knows what I will do if we loose power and the air con....LOL

thanks for letting me ramble.... its get lonely here:D
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Yikes! Run for cover!

Sounds scary, hope you'll be safe and can get the shutters in time. Funny the things we don't have to think about here but are normal in other countries. I like our weather, it's calm on the whole.:)

Mrs Harley

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LOL I know, i'm sure we wont get much of it maybe just a bit of heavy rain and after living in Ireland for 7 years I am well used to that, it just made me think of home and how in the UK I wouldn't have given hurricanes a 2nd thought....they were things that only happened in other countries....but now I am here suddenly I am in one of those other countries..


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ramble on. This is one ear that is always ready to listen. To be an expat is sometimes hard going. W e have done 28 years so I am just about used to it lol.

Weather is so scary. It is a phenomena you have no control over. All you can do is what you are doing,prepare for it. Sometimes expensive ends up being cheap.

Our worst weather is torrential rain. Two years ago we had 47.000€ worth of damage. We have to prevent mud slides into the pool and after so long here have the routine of pat. You will as well.

I hope the hurricanes give your bit of Texas a miss.

hugs xxxxxxxxx


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good luck in the hurricane season Mrs Harley.
The only hurricane I enjoyed was the one I drank in New Orleans :)

I remember seeing the wreckage some years ago along the gulf coast, many of the beach houses had been totally demolished, and many of the beach roads shut off due to drifting sand :eek:

It kinda surprises me that your house didn't have shutters before you bought it though, how long has it survived without? Do you have hurricane coverage or is it classed as an act of god.
I was always under the impression that most Americans were prepared for the worst, with their own generators, shelters, 4 wheel drives and weapons arsenals, just in case (or maybe that were just the people I talked to).

It might be wise to look into the shutters (or adequate insurance), but it might be wise to ring around instead of letting yourself be pushed into buying some from the first company that comes knocking.

I wish you all the best in this uncertain time.


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I've experienced quite a few hurricanes having lived in Florida and they are no fun. My parents had to go back to a flooded house in New Orleans after Katrina and it was a real shame and the effects from the hurricane are still felt in the City. I can't believe they are still living there with the fear that another hurricane may come any time, but can't convince them to move from there. They have also put up those special hurricane windows. While speaking to my mom yesterday she also said the weather was awful (probably felt the same as you are feeling today).
The best thing is definately to be prepared and know your evacuation routes, have sand bags and a lot of canned goods, water, non perishable items, flashlights, enough petrol available to take with you should you have to leave out in a hurry.
Hope you stay safe this hurricane season!
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Mrs Harley

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Thanks for all your messages girls....

The hurricane hit Mexico last night and was upgraded to cat 2 on landfall, it came in about 110 miles from Brownville Texas and as of 4am this morning was about 160 miles from there, it is loosing steam fast and is expected to be downgraded to a tropical depression by nightfall today.....our neighbours tell us that Katy, where we live is not usually affected by hurricanes, in fact one of the guys who works with my hubby came to stay with his sister who lives here during Ike.
We are on the main evacuation route so no worries there.

The reason we are having to have shutters fitted is not because of the hurricanes all our windows are supposed to be storm resistant but its because as part of our relocation package, if/when we move on and have to put the house on the market, the relocation company will buy the house from us if it hasnt sold in 60 days, but we have to prove that we have taken all the precautionary steps to ensure it meets the standards they set....so even though the likely hood is we wont need the shutters we have to have them...daft huh!!!

Anyway we still have some high winds here, its 7am and temps are at 77f degrees already with humidity of 98% so feels like 83f....I opened the garage doors this morning and felt like I was walking into a sauna....still its a good excuse not to have to go out today and stay in the house with the air con.


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Pleased to hear that the hurricane is reducing in strength, hope it doesn't give you too many problems.

I'm really pleased I don't have to put up with that kind of temperature and (worst of all) humidity on a regular basis, I once spent 4 months in Florida and I was really happy to go home (I suppose I actually like the British/Dutch climates :eek:).

Hope you get a good deal on those shutters.

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