ElkieJay's One day at a time!


So i thought i'd start keeping a diary on here.

Firstly a little about myself. Im 35 years old and have a 5 year old son who is on the Autistic spectrum. He is amazing and i wouldn't change him for the world. Today is his first day in year 1 at school so i have decided that its a good time for me to try and get back on track myself considering i now have the mornings to plan out food ect before work.

My other half is joining me on our journey, we are planning to get married next year (we have been together 14 years now). He wants to drop a few stone before the wedding, and also he has issues with his hips as he was born with Hip Dysplasia and now suffers with complications from having that fixed, so the less weight he carries the better really.

I have done slimming world in the past and did really well on it. Lost over 5 and a half stone and for once in my life i had felt comfortable in my own skin. But then our consultant left the profession due to personal illness and i have never felt comfortable going to another group. Litterally over night i lost my support network and over the few years that have followed i have put the weight back on and i'm back to being misserable. This is one of the main reasons i have decided not to go to a new group. I know the plan well and am confident i can follow it at home.

i weighed in last saturday so im planning to keeping that as my weigh in day.
I will try to update everyday with a food diary.

Wishing you all the greatest of sucess on your own journeys
Welcome, Elkie. There are other home SW folk here on the SW thread. Great you are doing it together!
So one week on and i think i have been fairly ok this week. Im not going to say i have been 100% perfect but have been hugely better than i usually would be. Me and the other half have just had our weekly weigh in. Pleased to say im 4lb down and he's managed 6lb. Both happy with that!

Im just sitting here writing the shopping list for the week and trying to work out the best low syn meal ideas i can. Saw an amazing looking steak 'pie' made with a jacket potato on youtube last night im planning to try tonight.

I hope you all have had an amazing week yourselves xx
Heres to the next good one xxx

Week 1 -4lb :p
Congratulations - both on the losses and on yr meal planning.