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email from SW! :o

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Julianne_julz, 24 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Julianne_julz

    Julianne_julz Bears dont dig on dancin'

    Anywho long story short-emailled them about 3 days ago to suggest a page-a-day diary, with weight chart etc (like the WW one) and got this back a minute ago:

    "Thank you so much for your fantastic suggestion. It's great to get feedback such as this and really helps with future development.

    I have passed your suggestion on to the rest of the development team and it will be considered at our next meeting.

    Once again thankyou for your suggestion"

    Woohoo! There may be some hope! xx
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  3. Muffindoll

    Muffindoll Full Member

    Good for you! I think its a really good idea, I would definatley get one if they brought one out.
  4. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Well doen! goes to show that sitting about wishing gets you nowhere, but being pro-active certainly does!
  5. bobbedazzler

    bobbedazzler Full Member

    Oooh excellent! That paper food diary they have at the mo isn't the best is it! x
  6. Julianne_julz

    Julianne_julz Bears dont dig on dancin'


    I told them that SW is really lacking the diary and the paper ones don't survive handbags/shopping trips very well at all! Lol. Hopefully they'll start making one,they could make a lot of £ from the idea so I don't see why they wouldnt... only time will tell!x
  7. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    I know Id probably buy one!
  8. Honeyoc

    Honeyoc Is a crunchy mama!

    That's great news!! YAY!!!
  9. LisaC

    LisaC Gold Member

    Brilliant, I write my own journal but Id love an official SW one. Hope they decide yes!
  10. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    When people ask my C for food diaries she won't let them have them unless she feels they need one.
    She said that they are a consultant's tool to help when people think they are sticking to plan and are not losing, it give the C something to check.
    People said they like to write things down and like the layout of the food diaries but she said it's not right to write it down day in day out and you can't do this for all of your dieting life (I still do 2.5 years down the road!) and that's the reason you only get 4 in your pack and they are only given out when you are struggling.
    She says that you shouldn't have to think about what you eat on SW, especially with EE - you only need to count to 15 and that's it!

    Not saying this is right or wrong, just putting a different spin on things and maybe an explanation if they don't produce a diary.
  11. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    Good going missus!!
  12. Daisyboo

    Daisyboo Full Member

    Well if you dont ask you dont get!! Here's hoping they take your suggestion seriously and bring a diary out soon!
  13. Julianne_julz

    Julianne_julz Bears dont dig on dancin'

    Hey Jaylou,iunderstand what you are saying. :) in my case, if I don't write it down I don't have a hope! My toddler keeps me busy/tired constantly and if I didn't write it down then i'd probably have 5hex's 20thousand syns and no free food! Lol.xx
  14. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    If I don't write down I fall off track, I don't know why but it just keeps me a bit more focused. I'm just quoting the SW corporate blah blah!
  15. LisaC

    LisaC Gold Member

    My consultant gives them out to whoever wants one!?

    I can easily not write a food diary but I have my own SW journal for personal use, just so that I know when my meals are getting too samey & I need to vary more.
  16. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined Better drink that water!

  17. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    Which email address did you use hon?
    I've been meaning to ask a product question for ages but have never been sure where to write to?
  18. natasha1974

    natasha1974 Silver Member

    i think its a good idea to i have a memory like a sieve and find it easier if i have it written down other wise id go over
  19. Julianne_julz

    Julianne_julz Bears dont dig on dancin'

    I just filled out the contact form on the BOptimise website. It didn't show an actual address sorry :( x
  20. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    Well done, hope the suggestion turns into the product. Good luck to you.
  21. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    No problems, I shall pop on there and hunt it down lol

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