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Embarassing Moments........


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Has being over weight caused you any embarassing or funny moments........:D

Just thought of this as I found I can actually cut my toe nails with out by belly getting in the way!:p

Had to get Hubby to cut them before....and he hated it, but now I can do my own.

Also when I was at my heaviest I nearly got stuck in the turnstile at our local footie ground...felt such a fool. :crazy::silly:
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Oh yes, OK this is gross but this diet makes me quite 'windy' I was round my friends last week, her husband and teenage kids there, bent over and ........... yes you guessed it !! oh gosh I could have died !. Also my belly gets in the way of me doing my bikini line so have spent hundreds on waxing, am on target to do my own bikini line next month though !! all a bit gross I guess ! Sorry.
This is really embarrassing but when i was very overweight i got stuck in a skirt in M & S! the zip broke when i pulled it up and i couldn't get it off!! The sales assistant (snotty old woman) had to cut it off!! I cried for days :( I was mortified!! Still can't share that story with many people even now and it was a few years ago! x
bumping this up
Oh gees! I was at my cousins wedding and we all sat down for the meal. I thought the back of my chair was a bit wobbly but thought nothing of it and sat down.

Alot of my cousins were on the table so we were having a right craic when I threw myself back in a laugh and the whole of my chair collapsed! All my cousin opposite me could see was my high heels in the air and none of them could actually help me up for laughing. I went a shade of purple and my hubby was crying with laughter.

The porter nearly got knocked out as I embarrassingly gave him the broken chair with a "woman scorned" look and I made myself look even more daft by saying "the chair was broken" like I was in denial (although it was I swear!).

I sat on a new chair and I eventually couldn't talk for laughing - but I wanted the ground to swallow me up - my mother sent a message (we were all married with kids etc!) via an Aunt saying "behave yourself". That made it even worse.

Luckily later when I asked the Bride and Groom if they'd seen the fracas, they just said no what happened - to which I just said oh we were having a bit of a laugh and we didn't want it to upset your meal! I just couldn't bring myself to explain it all.

If I see my cousin now - he laughs straight away - git!


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