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emergency situation

argggghh! I've just had to paint my nails to stop me driving to the chinese RIGHT now:mad:

I was away for 2 days this week and didnt take enough shakes etc with me and ended up having to eat dinner and lunch. mainly protein but BANG there goes ketosis running over the hill...

And now, its my birthday tommorrow, I have to see my lovely pharmasist who is so proud of me and tell her what happened and assess the damage, and I'm soooo close to packing it in just to get out of having to tell her.

I even thought about getting a week of Biggest Looser Shakes at ASDA a using that till next week to get back on track but that wont work will it.

What a slipery slope.

Anyone who is wavering like me?? DONT do it, the emotional fallout it causes is even worse than the thought of putting on a pound or 2.
right just had soup made in blender, and added twist of dried garlic - frothy bit was like prawn crackers - may have saved myself! Off to shred the chinese menu to stop later browsing turning into an order.

Plus side?? I now have lovely nails!
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You will be back in ketosis soon, hang in there.

Well done on staying strong.
Lol the nails trick is very clever, I have a feeling that may well catch on...

Keep strong, if the woman at thechemist has never been on this diet then she won't understand, and never will, if she has then she will, don't let her judge you, we shouldn't let any one judge us... We are strong for doing this, even with slip ups.., Remember that xx
but its hard!!!!! I dont want to be strong - I want to be skinny! RIGHT NOW!!!
thanks! I know im doing well. Its a tough week - all on my own as my parents have my son in Cairo for half term, so I dont have him keeping me busy. Ah well, whats done is done, onwards and downwards on those scales!

might wear very light flip flops and leggings with a t shirt to maximise opportunity to either stay the same or only put on a little bit!
she hasn't been on it but she is so nice!! its not that she will judge, its that she has been so nice to me that I really dont want to let her down!

thanks everyone, I was finding it really easy until going away and not having my stuff. I had thought about trying to find a pharmacist where I was to see if the would sell me some. Do you think they would have?
Jen I know exactly how you feel about your pharmacist. I avoided weightwatchers for over a year because I felt so guilty at re-gaining the weight I'd lost. I really liked the leader and really didn't want to let her down but in the end I went back and she couldn't have been lovelier. She sees people go up and down all the time, it's part of her job..just like the pharmacist. We have to try to remember that we are doing this for us and the only person you can be let down is you..but you're not going to give up on yourself so nothing to worry about :) burn that menu....
Don't dwell on it Jen.. What's done is done hun... Don't beat yourself up about it.. Up until now you have done really really well, and at the end of the day it is only one weigh in out of your journey..

Keep going hun.. you can do this!! x x x x
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Bruciare tutti menus

It might not be that bad Jen......in any event if you are travelling around at least keep a stash of bars, the crapjacks if you're a fan, in your bag for emergencies! I found myself stuck in France a month or so ago without enough shakes but I had bunged a few Exante bars in the car and was very glad to have them. If you google vlcd and tfr diets you will find loads of them and can order what you fancy....my personal favourite are Be-YU lemon and yogurt. The added bonus of such bars, I've noticed, is that they have added fibre and help keep you regular!
oooh, I wasnt sure what was compatable.

ASDA had biggest looser TFR stuff but I wasnt convinced
TBH I'm not sure either but they've all got roughly the same calories and protein/carb content so they've got to be preferable to having to eat......

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