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Emergency weight loss!?

I joined Slimming World in January hoping to lose about two stone for my wedding in July. I was doing really well but have gone off it in the last few weeks. I had lost 1 stone 6 1/2 pounds but put 2 back on last week and daren't even think about whats happened this week!

Does anyone know about the fast track/kick start thing they do? It seems a long time till my class on Wednesday.
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Thank you for that. I've had a read so I'll ask my class leader on Wednesday if I can do it for the week. If I lose that much I'll be really happy and won't be far from my target then.
Thank you!


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I wanted to do this for a week and asked my consultant but she wouldn't let me - she said that it has to be taken as a last resort! I just wanted a bit of a boost with my weight loss. Although I've been doing quite well and have lost at least a pound every week, I've got my hols coming up and really wanted to lose another 10lbs before it. Anyway, I was sent away with a flea in my ear! Fortunately, I've got a friend that's done it in the past and she's given me her copy to follow this week. It is strict - very low in calories - but hopefully it will do the trick. I just want to lose 2-3lbs this week.

If your consultant won't let you do it, bear in mind that you can buy it of Ebay for a couple of pounds!

Good luck with it! Let us know how you get on with your consultant, I think there's a few on here that want to give it a go!

Annette x
I'll let you know how I get on then. I thought it was as easy as just asking them but I suppose its for when you're really stuck not just when you fancy a quicker weight loss. I found it very easy at first but then my treats just got more and more till I wass off it altogether. Anyway, I'll see what she says next week.
Can't believe you can buy it on Ebay though! Lol!


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How do you buy the plan of e-bay annette? Cos I thought it was to do with your height, weight and the amount of exercise you do and stuff? x


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A few months before my wedding I was doing badly so I switched from SW to Slimfast just for a change. But that was mainly because I have been on SW for over 3 years and had got too 'comfortable' with the plan. Doing something different made me appreciate SW more and I went back to it with renewed determination.
Yes i agree with Taz, when i done CD -i too also appriciated the SW diet.... god going without food nearly killed me!

Try it anyways and i wish you the best of luck....im sure if you follow sonbans food diary it may help

Ruthy xxx
Im going to have a look on ebay then NOW!
Ruthy xxx


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If they say figure it out for yourself that might mean "I don't know but I want you to buy it!" If it is something that you are only supposed to get from your consultant then there shouldn't be instructions of how to work out the appropriate units for your size unless it is a dodgy consultant that is selling it! TBH if it is such an extreme thing to do (i.e last resort to get things moving) then it should really only be done with proper instruction from your consultant


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I asked a seller too and they said no matter weight and height you have 22 units per day! Little liar!!
I asked a seller too and they said no matter weight and height you have 22 units per day! Little liar!!
Thats wrong. It goes by your weight

I would only recommend people try it if they cannot understand Food Optimising - It's VERY restrictive compared to the Food Optimising Plan!!
Thank you all for your help. I went to my weigh in last night and was pleased that I'd only put on 2lbs. Lol! That was good if you knew what I'd eaten the last two weeks although I think I did slightly redeem myself by being good for the beginning of the week. Anyway, I think I'm back on track. For now.........
So I've now lost 1 stone 2 1/2 lb (was 1 stone 6 1/2 lb) only another stone or so to go! Need to do it by the end of May???

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