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  1. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Hello, :wavey: My names emma and I'm 21! I've always struggled with food and binging. I've been on every diet imageable to get it under control, but I always fall off the wagon and end up in a binge!!

    i want to be 'normal', with diets I just become obsessed which isn't good for me, and not something I can stick to forever! I'm keeping this diary to log my food, good or bad, to hopefully control my binges and give me a healthy, normal lifestyle.

    here goes aaa! I'm going to start tomorrow as today's food has been shocking :argh:

    Hope for some lovely follows to join me on my journey

    Xxx :heartpump:
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  3. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Morning! Up early, No 4 day weekend for me :sigh2: So I'm not on any specific diet, just trying toe at sensibly and control how much rubbish I eat. Weight isn't everything to me at the moment p, I just want to be healthy.

    weather is gorgeous here today! Have a lovely day! :icecream:

    xxx :heartpump:
  4. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Morning! I'm on 5:2 - so I'm trying to eat healthily 5 days a week, but I started my food diary yesterday and was a bit shocked by it! I thought it was a healthy day but when I wrote it down I was surprised I didn't even manage my 5 a day!

    Are you following any rules or guidelines?
  5. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Hi :wavey:

    At at the moment I' must focusing on eating proper meals and healthier food, and hopefully prevent my binges! But yeah I might then look into how much water I'm drinking and how many fruit and veg ect. Obviously hoping I don't gain weight, and although I will be weighing weekly, I'm not really focusing on the numbers ATM.

    i'll come follow you, I've attempted 5:2 a couple of times and think it seems a fab way of dieting/maintaining without becoming too obsessed. Xx
  6. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    How did today go?
  7. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Today was good.always feel more in control when I'm working and have my evening meal planned as I don't get home till 7.30

    breakfast - natural yogurt, granola and fresh strawberries

    Lunch - jacket potato, spaghetti hoops and some lean ham slices

    dinner - aldis hunters chicken (chicken breast with bacon and BBQ sauce) with roasted butternut squash and peas

    snacks - just eating a pineapple split ice lolly - yum!

    Drinks wise hose just had water and nas orange squash

    happy with today's food, feel satisfied and in control xx
  8. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Looks good! I'm fasting today which makes life easier!
  9. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Morning diary! Have a rare Saturday off work so hoping the sun will come out a little more down here :bunnydance: Easter weekend eeee, already been given lots of lovely treats, hoping to enjoy them instead of scoffing them all haha!!

    going to my oh's later on, not sure what the day will bring but hoping to keep my food controlled and sensible.mfeeling positive!

    update later xx :heartpump:
  10. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Didn't have time to update yesterday

    saturdays food
    breakfast - granola and natural yogurt

    lunch - 2 poached eggs, 2 slices bacon (fat removed) baked beans and mushrooms

    dinner - went to sn indian restaurant with my oh, had 1 popadom with mango chutney to start, then chicken tikka massala, portion of pilau rice and hate 1 bite of my boyfriends naan :tongue: Had 2 diet cokes when I was there and had 1 little chocolate that came with the bill,

    tbh so happy with my food yesterday, that was very restrained for me at the indian as normally meal out = major pig out in my brain!! I enjoyed my food and felt satisfied instead of sicky full!! Wooo

    will update my food for today later as just eating my dinner now, and there will definantly be room for Easter chocolate! Yum :bunnydance:
  11. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Happy Easter everyone! :bunnydance:

    Sundays food:

    breakfast - crunchy nut cornflakes

    lunch - jacket potato, beans and lean ham

    dinner - quorn bolognase bake with cheese and 2 x garlic bread slices

    snacks - Easter milkybar cow, creme egg, and a mini smarties chick

    happy with today, got loads of chocolate and so far feel in control. I enjoyed what I had rather than binging on it all in one go


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