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Emotional rant *food mentioned*


Below 190lbs... wohooo
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Well today I have totally blown it
1 x toasted teacake loaded with butter
2 x kellogs choc krispy bars
1 x large packet peanut m&ms
1 x whole loaf garlic bread
1 x packet rice
1 x massive portion chicken in sauce
3 x chocolate decorations
Had a totally **** day and once again in self sabotage I have totally binged. I am gutted and so angry with myself. I also feel very sick now:cry: I know its not meant to be said but some days I ****ing hate being a mother. I swear my 2 year old hates me. He has had me in tears today and it's driven me to eat. I know only I can stop myself. Still sat crying, just needed somewhere to release
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I'm a binge eater myself and i know it's not easy, but you've gotta forgive yourself, let go of today and move on to get out of the cycle. Tomorrow is a new day, a new start and another day closer to your goal weight.

Also, i'm a nursery nurse and i can assure you - all parents have days when they hate being a parent.
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I read your post, logged off and had to come back just to say don't beat yourself up - it's our job to make sure the little beggars are fed, watered, safe from harm, warm, comfortable, have enough sleep and have something to occupy them when awake. It's not our fault if they are having a moody day and nothing will pacify them - we all have off days when we feel grumbly and I guess kids are no different, so don't think you are failing if they don't behave like TV advert kids.
Take some time to look after yourself


Stubborn tortoise
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Sending a hug, remember ultra-stressy days from when the kids were small, it does get easier hun. And I too binge eat and sabotage myself for a variety of very illogical reasons, but am much further along the path of looking at it & working on it, thanks to CD... so wanted to say that it can be done, and new patterns can be learned, even if it's slowly in my case!

Anyhow, didn't want to read and run.



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please dont feel bad about giving in to food..... i totally self destructed yesterday, you have a reason......i dont!! i was on top of the world on saturday buying size 20 PJs for the first time in memory & went haywire yesterday but...
today is a new day the start of a new week & on the rails i step (again)
put on a smile & put yesterday behind you & walk tall :):):)


Below 190lbs... wohooo
S: 14st13lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 1st5lb(9.09%)
Thanks everyone. He's at pre school this morning so got a bit of breathing space. Back on the CD today even tho the food temptation is still there x
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I feel like this from time to time with my Daughter although it seems to be my H2B that gets to me the most!
With the eating I think if not all of us then 99% of us have eaten because of being stressed or upset so don't be hard on yourself, today's a new day and get back on it and forget whatever happened!
Good luck x x x
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Big hugs PC, we've got three of them so I know what they can be like :D

Not much to add other than what other people have said; all you can do is put the binge behind you and move on. I fell off a couple of times and you just have to pick yourself up and get back on.

And with you being back on the SS, stay focussed and whatever you have put on as a result of your binge will come off dead quick, I promise!


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aww I feel for you, and like many others have done the same! its real hard to get back on the wagon so you must give yourself massive credit for that! its far easier to think 'ive blown it now so wont bother any more!'. Thats what i used to think alot! youre doing everything right, and we are all here for you!

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