Emotional roller coaster?

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  1. planetqueen

    planetqueen Member

    slim fast

    I am a newbie and have been on LL for nearly a week (have my WI tomorrow) and as far as hunger/headaches goes, it has been ok - which surprised me.

    The only thing is that I have been really emotional and am not sure if tht is the lack of food or because I am generally stressed. I have been tearful and wondered if anybody else had experienced this or can I put it down to a coincidence.

    Any advice or sharing of experiences or views will be gratefully received. :)
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  3. PositiveBetty

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    God yes... I've been close to tears when I've been stressed, or upset or bored as I've realised these were the times I would reach for the food to make everything better. Now the food isn't there I have to fix it another way. It's tough but getting easier and is all good for making sure that once we're slim we stay that way :D Good luck for weigh in
  4. zadra

    zadra Full Member

    yep I have been through that, I think it is real stress comming out. I mean, normally you get stressed and sad and you grab some food (or go binge like in my case lol) and this act of eating and filling yourself with comfort food seems to calm you down (but does not solve the problem obviously, just creates different one).

    have you been calming yourself down by doing this for long time, you mind obviously gets used to such resolution of the problem. Once you don't do it anymore you end up panicking and having mood swings because you mind can't find substitute for the food you don't get anymore.
    In my case it just went away after 2 weeks (I still do get occasional craving but it isn't that strong anymore). Guess you sort of learn to deal with the problem and actually analyse it, whereas before it was just grabbing another biscuit.

    This is very personal theory though, based on my experiences but seems to explain some things.

    Hope things will get easier for you soon :)
  5. planetqueen

    planetqueen Member

    slim fast
    Thanks Zadra and Betty.

    You both make a lot of sense and have given me a lot to think about.

    I do realise that I use food to comfort myself and I really need to think about making sure I have a much healthier (mentally and physically) alternative.
  6. zadra

    zadra Full Member

    I think the advantage of any replacement meal diet is that you basically learn to totally deal with your emotions without any food (unless you cheat ofc, but then you have not dealth with them at all) and this, once you go back to normal food- helps alot as you know you don't have to binge anymore; On 'normal' diets like Weight watchers or any other - you seem to be constantly in danger as you still deal with conventional food and even if you don't binge as such, you might add that 'little bit more mayo' to your salad .. and a little bit more.. and some more.. you see where this is going lol.
    Here .. well.. no problem :D
    Just a thought
  7. Kate78

    Kate78 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    I think that LL is more than just the food. It's also about addressing all the issues that you previously ate your way through!
    There are weeks that I find so tough that I'm climbing the walls and in/or in on tears, there are other weeks that are a breeze.
    Certainly I've come out stronger and had to address some of the other non-food realated things in my life!

    Keep with it PlanetQueen, the first few weeks are the hardest, I anyway found this was the first major adjustments, coping with eatting out, people at work noticing the shakes, going out with friends and them thinking that i was pregnant as not drinking!!! (LOL!) Soon you will be in a regime and the weight will be dropping off, as soon as you and others start noticing the huge changes in your body that will give you even more motivation to get through the though times!
  8. ladylite

    ladylite Gold Member

    Slimming World
    Hi and welcome,

    I also found that one of the hardest things were the new emotions that I had always stuffed out the way. Dont get me wrong, I did have them but they didnt feel quite as bad when you could hide behind food.

    The journey I have been on has been difficult at times learning to deal with these new emotions, but I not only am I proud of losing weight I am also proud that I have learnt to deal with things correctly, instead of hiding behind a barrow load of blubber.

    I feel wonderful now, but I still get my moments. The new me which is emerging is learning to deal with life in such a positive way, so losing the weight hasnt been the only gain.

    I hope you feel better soon and remember it isnt just you. Come on here and tell us we are all here to help you.

    Good luck on journey and I know you wont regret it.

  9. planetqueen

    planetqueen Member

    slim fast
    I agree with you. I have found it relatively easy because I just don't think about food at all - I can't have it, and that is that.

    I realise that I was using wine too - a glass of wine or two if I have a bad day etc - so am really having to find new ways to deal with my feelings that don't involve food and drink.

    It has only been a week so i guess that process is just starting.

  10. planetqueen

    planetqueen Member

    slim fast
    Thanks Kate and Lady.

    I really appreciate your words of advice. It really does help.

    What a lovely forum :)
  11. Deb G

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    Yep - you're not using food as an emotional crutch anymore, which means you're having to deal with your emotions in a totally different way. Luckily the counselling will help you work through this and find better ways of dealing with things.
  12. Donnalou86

    Donnalou86 Striving for slimness

    Yeah don't worry about it it passes, I cried 3 times in week one, and cried again at least once in week 2 and three but haven't cried since, at the time I said would be happy if got through a week without crying. It is alot to deal with at first, and anything can set you off but before you know it you will be feeling on top of the world, stick in there!!!
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