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Can’t believe I’m doing this, I’ve never really been on a forum before but I’ve spent the last few weeks lurking around on here and finally got around to joining yesterday, still taken another day for me to actually post something. How daft is that! :eek:

I finally made the decision to join Slimming world this week and went along to my first meeting on Tuesday. I’ve always told myself I can lose weight if I wasn’t so lazy and pathetic but It’s never seemed to happen, which just made me feel even more useless! So, finally enough! I’ve decided to stop thinking I can do everything by myself and finally try and get some help…:wave_cry:

I decided to start this diary so I can hopefully get some more help and stop trying to do everything by myself and also cos they decided to offer free cakes and Krispy Kreme donuts in work today and I really wanted to tell someone how really tempting that was! God they looked good!!!! (didn't touch tho.:D)

I know it sounds like I’m a really miserable cow but I promise I’m not at heart, think I’ve just spent so long trying to pretend everything’s ok that it’s nice to finally let it out even if no-one else reads it. :cool:

Anyway on with the real info I’m 30 years old and have seen my weight keep increasing my entire life, never seemed to matter how much exercise I did, finally found got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was 22 which apart from other things also caused hypothyroidism. I was actually happy! Finally meant it wasn’t all my own fault but now it annoys me when other people say I’ve got a reason to be overweight, maybe I did then but now it’s time to take some responsibility for myself. ;)

Enough’s enough! I wanna start living my life not waiting til I lose weight so I can start, I’ve always pretended I won’t let my weight stop me doing anything but I just pretend I don’t want to do something if I know my weight will get in the way too much. But like I said Enough!:rolleyes:

I really want this to work, I wanna be able buy clothes in normal shops, I wanna not feel fat and ugly, I wanna stop letting my weight decide my life, I wanna be able to paint my toenails without trying to become a contortionist! :cool:And I wanna have fun!
Sorry if this is a really long rant and thanks for reading if you got this far… lol

Time for life to start! :happy036:
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hey hon welcome this is such a friendly and lovely forum all the ladies and chaps have such good ideas/support that you will never be alone :)
lol, think i'm working my way thru every diary lately, mainly so I can steal menu ideas.:p

since this is supposed to be a food diary I should probably talk about food. :rolleyes: (btw Im doin Extra Easy)

so today...
Strawberries & strawberry muller light. Free
Seafood sticks Free
Orange free
Ainsley Harriott Cous cous 1 syn
tropical fruit mix free
Birdseye Prawns in Thai curry sauce 9 syns
Carrots free
Mini Milk 1 syn (forgotten I used to love these as a kid)
Hex a: 250 ml of milk (had that to drink instead of eating the free donut. :D)

Got really excited when I saw the prawns were only 4.5 syns and then when I was halfway thru cooking found that was per 100g! oops, still got a few syns to spare tho.:rolleyes:

So total syns today: 11

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