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Erm... SW think I'm at target - and I'm not!

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Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I started SW last June and went a few months without setting a target, so I could see how I felt when I lost some weight first. Before Christmas, I decided on a final target weight of 8 and a half stone. I haven't written that in my book yet, although I have put it on the progress graph on the SW website.

I also decided my first interim target would be 10 stone, which I reached two weeks ago. I wrote that in my book and now, for some reason, SW thinks I'm at target. I even got a congratulations letter in the post today - even though I've still got 1.5 stones to lose! My consultant has now left our group so we've had people filling in for her, and last night I was told I didn't have to pay as I'm at target. I'm confused! I thought interim targets were just goals to work towards while aiming for your final target? I didn't realise they counted for anything. They have never been properly explained to me so any info would be appreciated! :D

PS. Sorry that was so long-winded ;)
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If you want to lose more then I'm sure you can just tell them of the error :0)
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First of all well done on getting to your interim target!!

If you just keep losing and go -3lb under goal you will start paying again and you should then be given the option of either putting weight on or resetting you goal and starting to pay again.


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Sounds like someone has taken that 10st in your book and entered it into the system as your target. Enjoy the free weeks whilst they're available to you and then start paying again once you get out of range.

Remember though you can only reset target weight in half stone increments. (and there's nowt stopping you setting 9.5st as the next target, enjoying a few free weeks there, then resetting again).


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that kinda happened to me - I put my interim target as 11 stones and when I got there the girls who weigh in were saying 'well done' and gotta write out your target member certificate etc etc - I had to say 'NO' I have decided on 10.7 as my final target and they said they;'d have to get the C to change it 'online' - or on their computer system as they couldn't do it.
S: 12st4lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 2st8lb(20.93%)
Thanks for all the advice and info. I'll definitely enjoy the free weeks while I can then! I honestly didn't think interim targets really got noticed, thought they were just 'mini goals' for yourself to aim for. I get it now though - thanks for the replies! :D

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