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Erratic Weight Loss

Overall I'm happy with what I've lost so far (30lbs in 9 weeks) but it's certainly not following a steady pattern! Especially the last couple of weeks my weight loss seems to have slowed down. Is there anything I can do to give things a boost? I'm already drinking lots of water! Is it usual to go like this?

I did eat while I was on holiday but reasonably healthily. Put on 7lbs but then lost 14lbs the week after. Since then I haven't lost anything even though I have been SSing 100%.

wk1 6lbs
wk2 4lbs
wk3 6lbs
wk4 5lbs
wk5 2lbs
wk6 - no wi (on holiday)
wk7 put on 7lbs!! (effects of holiday!)
wk8 14lbs (wow! & was totm)
wk9 0lbs (and had stuck to SS 100%)
wk10 - wi tomorrow but looks like sts or maybe 1lb loss on my scales
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Hi thabks for asking the question. Ive lost 30lb in 8 weeks but I feel its going so slow!! Some people lose it really quickly! I wanna be one of those people lol
Do you exercise? I generally walk loads as my job involves this but other than that I don't do much, maybe thats why???
But I do measure myself if I feel the scales are against me and I am usually pleasantly surprised!
Hope all goes well at WI, talk with your cdc if you still have unanswered questions


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Hi - if you look at other peeps tickers you will see that most people are erratic! Some say it's down to not drinking enough water. But I guess most of us loose erratically. Just as long as the scales are going down each month you are doing well.


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wow! 14lbs is a massive loss! maybe your body is a bit shocked and hanging on for a bit. give it time and you will get into a rhythm again.

don't be disheartened-whether you lose 14lb, 1lb or stay the same, you are still slimmer than you were :D you should be proud! x
I agree with the others, i think your doing really well and as for loosing a stone in a week - holy cow!

Defintely measure yourself as it can show in inches when you have had a slow week.
S: 14st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(18.32%)
wow your really doing well measure yourself your bound to see the difference x
Thanks for all your supportive comments! I was very surprised when I lost 14lbs in a week - never mind my body! I actually think something went wrong with the weigh in the week before as according to my scales I hadn't put on as much as 7lbs.

Strangely, I have started exercising more in the last couple of weeks - as the children have gone back to school. Maybe my fat is turning to muscle!

And I know I've lost inches as my clothes are looser. I suppose (like everyone else) I just wish it would be loads every week!
S: 17st8lb C: 16st12lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st10lb(4.07%)
I am erratic too! big loss, little loss, big loss just to gain is back in the next couple of days. I had a weigh in today4 days early as my CDc is going on holiday and her scales say I have put on 5 lb over my scales. I am not worried though. I know I am not doing anything wrong and my average weight loss will be good, some people do seem to have 3-4 lb a week, but many seem to have 8 or 9lb one week and 2 or 3 the next. I am going to wait until Thursday to put in my next weigh in, but I wouldn't be surprised if I put on as I thought last weeks 10lb loss was a bit steep!
I seem to be erratic too, i have been doing ss for 8 weeks now, just got weighed tonight and lost another 3lbs, so have lost 33 ponds in total, but it is never consistent. When we went away for weekend, and i stuck to diet rigidly, walked loads i stayed the same!!! only difference then was it was totm. when i see that some people lose 7 + pounds a week it is frustrating, but i am getting there eventually, and for first time in my life, scales are still going down 8 weeks after starting!!!
For me I have found that I have to stay off of the scales except for weigh-ins. I get too disappointed if I show no loss or show I am up. But I know that if I stick to the program, I will lose. I also tend to "play" with what I can get away with if I weigh daily.
S: 17st8lb C: 16st12lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st10lb(4.07%)
edideebeedee good point, I am trying not to do the daily weigh, cos if I see I have lost 4lbs in 2 days, my head says 'well you can cheat a bit, with a bit more protein a bit more veg', so no, am going to try and not weigh for a couple of weeks and stick to the diet as best I can
angie, when i was weighing more often it was way too stressful me trying to keep up with my oh lost a bit i can eat a bit and a bit and...........well you know. I have reduced my stress level so much by only weighing at weigh-in. Keeps me from having to do the math because of the scales not matching up. Used to weigh at Curves each time I went and their scales weighed me more, by about 2.5 lbs, than my dr. office scales. I couldn't take that. (I am on optifast and go to drs office each week for weigh-ins and group discussion meeting)
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I think we should also consider that as we lose weight our bodies have a lot to cope with.
Its very simple to say, 5lbs off 3 lbs off, etc but our bodies are very busy burning, distrubuting, digesting, eliminating, growing, renewing, etc everything that goes on in our bodies takes energy, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little and it isnt an instant thing.
If we stick with the CD we will come out lighter than we were when we started. I dont think we should really obsess when we gain a little either if we haven't cheated, because the body is obviously busy doing something. Hang in there and the weight will come off.
Lynne x

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