My weight loss journey, finally.


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Hello, this is just a jumpstart post for my weight loss. I want an entire community to witness and hold me accountable for my decisions on what I put in on my mouth and my health choices.
I've been desperate for a very long time, and instead of losing weight from 3months ago when I decided I'm gonna drop the weight, I've been very discouraged. It always happens that when I'm beginning a serious effort, an external social event screws it up.
Last year, i invested several hundred dollars on HerbaLife products, but also during that time my boyfriend and I were always eating out every full weekend, in buffets. This year, when I decided it's enough and I had to really lose the weight, my friends and I kept going on out of town trips. It's difficult to keep up your efforts especially when you're just starting, and you're on a trip. When I got back from the trips, I've already lost the interest and fuel to do it.
I also hated buying planned meals because I didn't like the idea of my officemates having the hunch that I'm desperate as hell because I'm buying those stuff and not seeing me lose any weight. I don't want to think that they pity me.
It just fucks me up every time I open my closet in the morning and get in my clothes. I see myself in the mirror and all I see is a fat ***** with hormonal acne on top of it. ****. I need to regain my self confidence.
Everyone around me started noticing my weight gain, some of them actually have the nerve to tell it to my face. The only person who could tell me that without me feeling offended is my boyfriend, well except that time when we were in Vietnam when he joked about me being fat in front of my friends when I was checking on an elephant pants. I only got offended because my friends reacted, I know in their heads they were screaming "You're not supposed to say things like that out loud!" And I know they pity me or whatsoever somehow, and that I hated my boyfriend for that. Otherwise, I don't get offended when he tells me I've gained weight.
So help me God. I really need the discipline now to eat only when necessary and cut the calories and be a bit more active.
Hello! Looks like you've really made up your mind to change, and that's a huge step to take in the right direction. I can definitely relate to regretting the time lost, and also external events making everything more challenging. I've found that taking one day at a time, and making conscious choices helps a lot.

Good luck with finding your way through all the obstacles!