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even more dissapointed

Sorry to hear that Ilovedogs. You have probably given up on the harcombe plan but if you did want to see why it isn’t working for you, maybe post up some of your daily menus and we can all guess what has gone wrong? The more I read about the HP the more I realise tha with just a bit of tweaking, the weight can drop off without any hunger or cravings.
I told my brother about this diet, and he has lost 5 stone on it and is still loving it:)
It's good to hear your brother is doing so well, Claire. I've convinced a friend to try it and she is loving it so far. It's my plan to maintain once I finish Lipotrim so hope it works!

Jessie 888

one life only
Thanks for that walkonby. I have subscribed to that and am getting loads of info on it already but have to finish what I've started with Lipotrim first. I know that a vlcd is really frowned upon but I'm half way through now under doctor's orders!
I will definitely put on weight when I move to the Harcombe Diet and I am preparing myself for that painful transition. I know it will take time for my body to forgive me and heal and I will need to be patient!
ive got the harcombe book and recipe book and am considerin usin it when i come off lipotrim
Hope you do! Mind you, we are the same height but your target weight is a good stone below mine. I've convinced myself that if I'm in the healthy BMI category then that's great for me. I'm also very top-heavy which is a good excuse! ;)
I just completed 5 days of phase 1 and only lost 1 pound. I am frustrated too but I'm still willing to stick with it for the detoxing qualities.

I cant figure out why I havent responded either after 5 days of phase 1! :( So bummed.
It might be because you're slim already so it's harder to shift if you're near your natural weight ... Or maybe because you mix in Phase One but not in Phase Two? I see what you mean about detoxing and getting ridding of the three conditions. Good luck on Phase Two, hun.
Hanging in there......

Thanks Jessie -
After a full week (7 days) I am down 3 pounds. Its those 3 pounds that come and go though so I wont be excited until I go down another 3.

I will admit...the frustration drove me to eat frozen yogurt yesterday. And I mean I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

Back on track today - I spent yesterday (between spoonfulls of frozen yogurt) cooking up brown rice, chicken curry, roasting brocolli and baking kale chips.

I'm going to stay committed to the phase 1 and see what another week brings!!

Good on you for sticking with it! Hope your determination brings its just reward!

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