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Ever get demotivated by small losses? This may help

This may have already been mentioned somewhere else (so forgive me if it has)but thought I'd share as it's something that helps me.

When I've had WI in the past and it's 'half off' or 'pound off' sometimes that feels so small and insignificant and that it's gonna take forever to get to goal. Especially when you think you've had a good week but the scales say no you haven't.

So, I use sausages (don't laugh!) as a measure. There are usually about 8 sausages to a pound. So if i've lost 1/2 pound, I think of four sausages and that I've lost that from my body. Psychologically I suppose the number 4 is larger than 1/2 so it seems more. Also, its quantifiable and something you can physically see. I chose sausages as generally they are fatty and don't look to pleasant uncooked.

I found a piccy of four sausages on the tinterweb and printed it off and copied it to the amount of weight I want to loose and stuck them on the fridge door. Every weigh in, I then take off the sausages.
So, if I've 'only' lost 1/2 pound, it's still four sausages I can take off the pile. As they say, any loss is better than a gain.

So in my signature I'll be stating my weight loss in pounds and sausages :D
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What a great idea. I think I will copy you and do this. Nothing better than seeing a pile of sausages going down and sausages are my favorite food of all time.!!!
S: 9st9lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st5lb(14.07%)
this brightened up my morning at work :)
S: 15st10lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 1st5lb(8.64%)
lol I have a block of lard in my fridge that's about 1/2 lb of pure fat. It's there purely for motivational purposes. A small loss is still a loss - a quantifiable step in the right direction. Truly eeeeew to think that I've still got about 130 times that much excess fat in my body, but when I think I've already lost about 30 blocks of lard from my body, I feel so proud of myself. And small losses contributed to that just as much as big ones.
S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st6lb G: 9st12.5lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.92%)


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S: 10st6lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 0st6lb(4.11%)
haha @ Paul

But I think its a bright idea :D positive thinking :D


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S: 12st10.5lb C: 9st3lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 3st7.5lb(27.73%)
I'm liking this idea. How confusing would be it several people had a lost sausage counter in their counter. he he he
S: 17st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 12st4lb Loss: 5st2lb(29.39%)
Hahaha this is a fantastic way to look at it ..... we have a 2lb block of something horrible looking in our class, its absolutely disgusting but its to represent 2lb of fat!!! But i do like the sausage idea!!!
S: 12st10.5lb C: 10st10.5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 2st0lb(15.69%)
That really does put the losses into perspective! Thanks!


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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st12.3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 1st7.3lb(12.25%)
Love it! Four sausages a v good visual aid i think xxxxxxxx

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