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Evidently I wasn't missed...


loving life
Hi, I only started 3 weeks ago so you don't know me but just to say I don't think it's because you wern't missed I think everyone's enjoying the evening sunshine. I posted a question an hour go and no answer to that either, that or we just arn't liked lol -only kidding.:giggle:Zoe xx


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Probably because of the weather alot of people not around but have just seen your other post.
Chin up xx
what she said.....try not to get upset when people don't reply immediately - they're usually just doin other things... and will be along again in a minute :)

Debz x
I remember posting something on here and not getting a reply for ages, despite getting lots of views and posted a similar thread to this one.

When you're feeling really fed up I think you become hyper sensitive. After that happened to me I decided to always reply when I saw a thread without a reply!

Hope you're okay hunnie x


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I know it's silly isn't it? I'm sensitive to EVERYTHING at the moment! I like to look in the fridge, no idea why! and I was doing it yesterday when my Mum said 'get out dont eat' she was only playing but I went off! Had a total tantrum and didn't speak to her for half an hour! Total over reaction!!! x
Some days I think it's best that people avoid us :)

I do have days where I feel fantastic though. I think it's natural to have good and bad days regardless of dieting. Sometimes if we're feeling a little deprived or bored though it can amplify the feelings. Am thinking how much more I will appreciate food when I'm at goal.

Always thought I loved food and appreciated it, but I didn't really. I just ate for the sake of eating!


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I think you're absolutely right. The highs and lows are just amplified.

I have to say Liz you are doing amazingly well! andI see we had a similair starting weight. What's your secret?! xx

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