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Green Days Example day - is this ok??


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Hi Everyone

I'm back on SW tomorrow and have been looking through my books as it's been a while since I did it. I've put together my first days menu below and I just want some advice that I'm doing it correctly? I'm going shopping later today so if it need changing, let me know!

Day 1:

Hot Water & Lemon
2 Weetabix - Healthy Extra B
Chopped banana
250ml Semi Skim Milk - Healthy Extra A

2 Slices bread (400g loaf) - 5 Syns
2 Laughing Cow Ex Light - 1/2 Healthy A
Slices of tomato
Mug Shot 1%fat variety
Muller Light Yogurt

Gammon & Pineapple - Healthy B
Grilled Mushrooms
Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash
Muller Light Yogurt

Apple/2 Satsumas/Coffee with sweetner/Herbal Tea

Hope this is ok!

Bella :)
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Looks fine but you should try and use more syns

For your dinner - is the pineapple fresh or tinned as tinned fruit has syns

If it is fresh and you cook it then you also need to syn it

But these things aside it looks good!


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Hi Circes

No, the pineapple is tinned so I will look at the syn value of that, thanks!

I was a bit concerned that I wasn't using enough syns to be honest so think I need to add more?


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Thanks, Kate :)
The bread, assuming wholemeal is 6 syns. Also you need to make sure you have the rest of your hexa otherwise this needs to be syned as well.

Don't forget to weigh your gammon so you get the correct hexb. Or you may want to see how many syns are in the gammon as there may be less & have this as a syn & the bread as a hexb.


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Thanks allie1904. I haven't really got my head round extra easy yet as doing sw at home using my old books. If u think it's more of an extra easy day then I'll do it that way xx


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Thanks everyone. I'm so confused now though! ;-/ I think i need to purchase an EE book so I can learn more about it. Does anyone know where I can get one from??


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Ok, I just did a search on here re Extra Easy and I think I understand it. Basically, you can have free food from both green and red days but only 1 healthy Extra a and b? Also you need to have 5-15 syns a day?

Is that right?? xx


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Ah, I've got it now! Thank you. Right, I think I need to look at my menu plan again and structure it under Extra Easy instead!

Oooh, am actually quite excited about this now! ha ha ;-) xx

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