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I'm going to follow the advice and write a diary.

Monday - 20/05/2019

Breakfast -
Muller Light Greek Style Yoghurt 1

Ham and cheese Toastie (2 slices of wholemeal bread sm loaf HEB)
1 slice Aldi edam cheese 1/2 HEA
2 slices ham

Spaghetti Bolognese (filled with carrots (s) onions (s) mushrooms(s) and red peppers (s) made with 5% beef mince and no oil involved.
followed by a Satsuma and 3 choc digestive biscuits (10) and a glass of skimmed milk (1/2 HEA)

ended the day on 11 syns and not hungry at all!
Your diary looks great - however - it looks like you could add a bit more speed to your lunch such as salad or carrots/apple/tangerines....etc. You could also add more fruit/speed to your breakfast too. banana is free - but not speed. Try and concentrate on adding more "speed" foods.