Exante 800. 1 stone to lose.


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Day 1:

So stepped on the dreaded scales - 13 stone 4.

At 5 ft 11 I normally weigh 12 stone which is perfect for me and a weight I am always happy at as it allows me to wear size 10 clothes and not worry about what I’m wearing. I can comfortably run / play sports at etc.

I’ve been fine the first 9 months of lockdown but winter (following Christmas) has been particularly bad mentally for me so this was when the stone crept on.
I’m aiming to get back down to 12 stone by the 14th of May, so 5 weeks all in all on the Exante 800. Praying I can do this, worried mainly for these first few days especially with fatigue at work as I just started a brand new job yesterday!! Today is a day off so thought a good day to start a diet. Trying to eat every day inside an 8 hour window, the times will probably fluctuate due to early starts on work days.

Breakfast 9am - Toffee Caramel shake blitzed with a blender and some ice. Fit it all into a pint glass. Tasty, easy to go down.

Lunch 12pm - hot cross bun bar. I could kill my husband for finishing the coffee off so this was a hard one to swallow dry - literally. Not overly keen on the taste of this one!!
(I grabbed a can of Coke Zero to wash it down).

Dinner 3pm - I needed food, I couldn’t cope without actual food. So I cooked a 200 calorie meal of quorn chicken breast fillets with carrot and broccoli. It was AMAZING

Final food 5pm - cooked 3 medium/small boiled eggs, comes in at 210 calories.

All in all I’ve had 800ish calories. Drank 4 litres of water. 2 cans of Coke Zero. I don’t know why I feel emotional, I think it’s because I want chocolate, I’m anticipating the longevity of this plan, and I hate my new job!! Second day of diet and second day in the job tomorrow, here’s hoping I can cope on diet whilst there.