Excercise Advice Needed...Pleeeeeaaaaase


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I am on CD SSing in 8th week. I am not doing any excercise currently because I am already feeling really tired and dizzy when I do extra work at home. So my CDC said its better not to do excercise if you are doing household chores.

I have lost around 33lbs and having saggy skin and would like to do some very light excercises to tone up and also get into the habit of excercising. Anyone has any suggestions. I am also ashamed to say that I do not know much about excercising because I've not done much. :mad:

So please suggest me the excercises and any links which I can look into to understand it. I've heard about Pilates Is that any good?
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Haven't CD recently introduced an exercise DVD ?? This would be ideal because they will have pulled it together knowing the diet ...