Excercise - yes or no


Just wondering if it is ok to walk a bit everyday (3 miles or so). I have been told not to excercise while ssing, but surely excercise will help the results and you will lose weight faster?????

Walking is perfect! So get out there and hit the pavements....

What isn't ok on the diet is cardio i.e. a raised heartrate. The reason is that if you go too hard at it then body will cut from burning fat to trying to burn sugar. Because your body has no glycogen in it you suddenly feel bloody awful, and also your body panics that you haven't got enough fuel so your hair stops growing, finger nails stop growing etc and you suddenly stop losing weight.

Therefore gentle exercising is absolutely fine but should be toning and not cardio.

So walking, gentle swimming, pilates, yoga, stretching, light weights etc are perfect.

Going mad on a treadmill isn't!

I think walking is absolutely fine. However if you are just starting out and getting in ketosis why not just take it really easy for a day or two. I decided to do that in my first few days as I didn't want to do anything to make me more hungry. Also being really lazy I enjoyed the excuse to just veg. Within a couple of days though I had plenty of energy and enjoyed walking the kids to school (a 3 mile round trip!). If you really want to do it. It can take your mind of your hunger, you may like to time it so you can have your next shake or your return.

Best of luck

Dizzy x