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Excessive Sweating.....Is it a side effect?


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As you are only in the first days of the diet it may be down to carb withdrawal symptoms. Often people have headaches and feel a bit fluey in the first week. Sweating could be part of this.

After the first week its the cold that most people feel!
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Thank you, for replying I was wondering what was going on.......had so many cold showers too cool down! :)


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I broke out in a hot sweat a few times during the first week. This week will be over before you know it and you'll feel on top of the world so keep at it.
never suffered from the sweats. Complete opposite once I was in Ketosis in fact. Could never get warm enough! Hope it subsides soon. Let the fat burning begin!!
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Heey :D
I had this on tuesday in fact it was so bad i had to be sent home from work! but now im fine :D if a little chilly! but at least you know its fat burning time...burn baby burn ;) haha!
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I am on day 4 and am suffering from head sweats - I actually thought I was coming down with the flu as feel so lethargic, achey and sweaty.

I know from my last time doing LL after the first week I was so so cold - so this time am just making the most of the 'heat' !!



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I have no experienced sweating at all. if anything I do have bouts of feeling the cold a great deal!

On the day I went into Ketosis I got particularly cold!

Kat xx
I've found I sweat a heck of a lot less, though that might be more to do with being so much lighter! lol One thing (and apologies if this is TMI) that I have found though is that when I do sweat, particularly in the gym, it tends to be a bit more pungent than usual - I figure it's just all the bad stuff coming out :p


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Yeah I don't sweat unless I'm In the gym
giving it some :)
I found that I had sweats especially at night during the first week I did LL. They werent 'hot' sweats, I just woke up drenched in sweat and I also started sweating quite a bit when I first got up in the morning.
It didnt last :D
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Oh my, all I remember is being so cold all the time! I actually enjoyed that in one way because I could always put another layer on, whereas when I'm hot now, there's not a huge amount that I could do. I used to look at people in work amazed, because while they wore t-shirts and were hot (even if they were really slim) I was really cold in a cardigan! Now that I've been maintaining for a while I'm no longer feeling the cold so much. Good luck!
I'm on day 3 and I'm coming out in a head sweat even with the smallest about of physical exertion. I first discovered this on day 2 with a very gentle bike ride, then later by purely lifting 4 bricks and today a game of pool! made me break into a sweat. This is embarrassing; roll on ketosis and perhaps it will stop.

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