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Exercise buddy sought ~ online is fine


I'm Judith and I'm looking for an exercise buddy.

I am a member both of Curves and la fitness in Maidstone. Looking for someone to touch base with on a regualr basis to say what I've done and what I plan to do. So you could live anywhere. Looking to give andrecieve encouragement, friendship and support.

I am single and a little shy in person, I struggle with motivation and self esteem.

I'm wanting to have fun and share smiles.

I also walk the dog daily so if you want to exchange pedometer readings then I'm free!!!!!

I'm sure that our weight will decrease and it will look good on us as we help our efforts by exercise.

Anyone up for it?

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Hi Judith,

I would love to be your exercise partner. I have tried to work things out with people I know here but I guess "life gets in the way" and they do not seem to commit.

I am quite happy to exchange pedometer readings -- I, too, have a dog that would love to be walked more. She is a four and half year old Yorkshire Terrier. I am considering joining the local gym, but I have access to one on the American Air Base here in Combridgeshire for free. But, I do better in a fitness class with some skinny b*tch yelling at me. If I had a partner -- even on line -- I think I would do better because I would not want to let you down. And, I would hope that if I was getting my fat bum on the WiiFit or to the gym then you would also.

I am a married (24 years) American mother of two who has lived in Europe for about 16 years. My kids are 19 (male) and 11 (female). Both live at home -- the son is taking Uni courses. I lost about 5 stone on Lighter Life in 2008 -- and kept in off about a year, then stopped exercising and have been regaining it. I have gained back over 1/2 and have made some half-hearted attempts to get it off over the past year. But, having someone "to report to" should help me a lot.

Looking at your profile details -- I am slightly taller than you are (but not much) and (although I have not weighed myself in ages) I think we have about the same amount of weight to lose. As I suspect that I am a quite a bit older than you are -- we will probably lose at similar rates (it IS harder as you get older to lose the weight).

Are you thinking of doing a diet or calorie counting? I have been considering several options -- the LL worked, but as I did not follow through with Management... I fell back into my bad habits. I think I want to do something like Cambrdge with one meal a day (low carb -- South Beach Type), so that I have some responsibility and meal planning to do. Plus, with a family I have to cook a meal, and I enjoy gathering them at the table (when I can do).

I am not shy... but have self-esteem issues like most women.

Later, MinnieMel
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Hi MinnieMel,

Good to see you! Guess you have connections with the air force ~ if I remember anything about Cambridgeshire. I have visited that neck of the woods but have been through it far more often - I used to have parents that lived Up North.

So what exercise are you going to do this week? How many steps are you planning on walking a day? Whats your dogs name?

Curves is closed to Wednesday but I think I booked myself in for a class at la fitness for tomorrow. I am taking this opportunity of time away from my voluntary workm to try a few different classes at different times. And now I've told you I'll just have to make sure I've got out my bed early enough!

I walk my dog, Pickle, for just over an hour every day. She is 2.5yrs and as someone said "very eager"! She is a lurcher cross and lurches from one pickle to the next!

I should probably do a session in the gym soon. I haven't been for ages but doing things by myself and walking on that treadmill for 15 mins isn't something I look forward to. *I could walk the dog as soon as walk that treadmill. And the cross trainer is an instrument of tourture I am sure.

By the way I'm 46, single, don't have a television but am addicted to the radio and I like a laugh along the way. I'm in the middle of setting goals for 2011 and this is going to be my best year yet!

I am trying to decide wether to do SW again or calorie counting. Both have worked for me and both fit into my lifestyle ~ but I cannot sit on the fence as this causes splinters in me bummm! (its a wide one!)~ and I need to get going before the New year and before I gain any more weight!

Look forward to hearing from you again soon.....

Happy holidays

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Hi Judith,

I am 49 -- it nice to meet someone in my demographic on this website. A lot of the members seem to be very young.

The dog is called Neya (pronounced like Nia -- my daughter heard the name and spelt it incorrectly). She had a friend that was a lurcher called Bandit (because apparently lurchers are know for their thieving skills). Bandit's owners are RAF a moved to Portsmouth some time ago.

Typical of me (very lazy of late) I have no exercise plans established -- but (since you asked) I have decided I will walk the dog at the very least. I think I will try and start (tomorrow) with 5,000 steps per day -- I think the ideal is a minimum of 10,000 -- but, I need to build up to that.
We have elliptical machine and I should really make use of that and the WiiFit.

Hi MinnieMel,

Hope you are having a grand day.

I walked just over 13,000 steps today ~ probably due to the fact I walked Pickle twice! So its not normally that much. I say every little helps.

Looking at the website I seem to have booked myself in for Step class at 6pm tomorrow. I've only done a step class once before and the sweat poured off me.

I have decided to do calorie counting for the first three months of 2011. I will weigh myself tomorrow and adjust my profile accordingly.

What kind of classes do you enjoy going to in the gym?

Is the elliptical machine anything like a cross trainer? I dread the cross trainer at my gym.

Whats the wii-fii like? What activities do you do on it? They sound like fun to me but would I need a television set to use it? Might be something to save up for!

Until tomorrow....


How are you doing today?

I walked 8217 steps today. As I said on my previous post every little helps!

I had a phone call late this afternoon to tell me that although I had managed to book the step class for 6pm the gym was closing at 5.30pm (due to it being a holiday) and so no class. I was frustrated as I was relying on that class to earn me more calories.

At least I know I have water aerobics tomorrow.

Drinking more water as we speak......

sweet dreams....

Judith & Pickle

Just a short note to say that I will be absent until Friday at least - got cut off my broadband and am using an internet cafe at the moment.

Stay active and try to be good - your body will love you for it

Hi Judith,

Sorry I've not been online. I have had a very bad cold and have been spending a lot of time sleeping.

I restarted my DS Lite step counting programme today and it starts with a goal of 3,000. I am thinking I may have to take a walk in the dark before turning in for the night to make the target (sad). I did not set up the pedometer until afternoon and I have been rather slothful.

13,000 steps!!! incredible!!! Pickle is a lucky dog! I do plan to start walking my dog twice a day -- morning and afternoons. She needs it.

I walked my neighbour's dog while they were out today (they asked me to do so) -- but I have not picked up the pace with the exercise... but I will.

I started Cambridge Diet (from the US because it is soy based and seems to agree with me better than the milk based ones). I am on Day 2 -- so far so good. I have not weighed myself to get a "starting weight" -- as you lose a lot of water in the first few days, I thought I'd wait until Sunday morning and get a "fat" weight. I feel pretty good, so far. I think having this bad cold make sit easier because I do not feel like eating anyway.

I enjoy the pilates, step, and aquafit classes. There are kickboxing and Zumba classes that I've not tried, yet. I've done all kinds of fitness classes over the past few years -- the hardest were pole dancing (no kidding) and yoga.

The elliptical machine is like cross country skiiing -- if that helps.

I also have a stepper, jump ropes, etc. all kinds of things I don't use -- but will.

You might be able to use the WiiFit with a laptop. But, any old TV would work -- people are giving away analog tvs (old style) because everyone wants a HD plasma. l bet you can pick up a Wii and WiiFit fairly cheaply now that XBOX has their Kenect thing.

They make all kinds of games -- and WiiFit tracks your weight. I was kind of sad to step on the WiiFit board and have it make my Mii character (avatar) "blow up" because I am overweight. Good incentive though... I will see my Mii slim as I do. ;)

Hula Hooping is fun and there is yoga, step games, etc. I am thinking about getting the Biggest Loser Game for the Wii. I will be a contestant on the show that way!

There are often challenges set up on this website that you can join in.

I hope all is well with you. I promise to try and do more fitness activity tomorrow.


MinnieMel (aka Melissa)
Hello Melissa,

Back from the edge.

I was a good girl today - I booked a Body Conditionming class about a week ago - normally I would find some excuse to cancel..... but I got up and went to the class and did it. I quite enjoyed it - only thing is I wish either the instructor would shout louder or he turn the music down as much as I like Madonna!

Walked Pickle this afternoon instead of this evening. This meant she got to see daylight and I won't feel guilty of listening to the extra long episode of The Archers - when something shocking is going to happen.

Tommorrow at the gym is a bank holiday so no yoga for me. I find yoga very stretching - mentally as welll as physically. So for me it will be walking pickle thats all the exercise I can muster... might take me tomorrow to get over the shock of tonight in The Archers !!!!! (sad, but true)

Yesterday I did just over 7,000 steps..... today with walking in to the gym and into town and back agasin and walking this afternoon I clocked up just over 14500 steps. Now I am enjoying a cider as I think I have earnt it!

Talk to you later - have a grand day. And I think you are doing well with your pedometer - its harder to get in those steps than what folk reckon. And every step counts.

Judith & Pickle


Why Be Normal?
Hi JustJudith and Judimac --

I cannot stand going through all the "game" pages on the DSLite in order to use the pedometer and my other pedometers have flat batteries. So, until Tuesday (when I can get batteries for the other two) I will not be recording my steps. But, in all honesty I am still under the weather and have not been very active. Sticking to the diet, though. ;)

I am going to try and get on the WiiFit asap. I have been doing a bit of cleaning up and decluttering post holidays (tree and decorations down and away, vaccuuming, dusting, tidying, tossing, etc.). So, not aerobic but some movement.

Bis Morgan,


Why Be Normal?
HI JJ --

I got out the WiiFit stuff yesterday and my DD, DH and I set up our profiles and did our first workouts. So, the profile exercise bits and then 15 aerobics with My Fitness Coach.

Today, I have taken my DD and her BFF ice skating. So, I did 90 minutes of ice skating. Slow paced but steady. Good Fun. Still need to "see" My Fitness Coach.



Why Be Normal?
Loud Music

Hello Melissa,
... Body Conditionming class about a week ago - normally I would find some excuse to cancel..... but I got up and went to the class and did it. I quite enjoyed it - only thing is I wish either the instructor would shout louder or he turn the music down as much as I like Madonna!

Judith & Pickle
Hi Judith and Pickle --

You are doing so well. My cold is much better and my DD is back at school and so am, hopefully, going to be a better fitness partner for you.

Q: What is Body Conditioning?

Like you... I hate the loud class music -- I cannot hear with background noise: I have an auditory processing problem.

I was so pleased that I could adjust the volume for the music and the "instructor" on the Wii My Fitness Coach.

Steps: I promise I am going to get new pedometer batteries today. But, I did take Neya (the Yorkie for walk). I'll go again later, too. She loves her walkies.

Most of the fitness classes start back next week. So, I am going to book aquafit and some others -- if I book and don't go -- I still have to pay. So, I think I'll go. ;)

I tried to order the WiiFit Zumba -- but it is out of stock.

I am going to get on the Wii now -- before I get all tied up in some other never ending house chore/project. I have to todo list that is endless.



Why Be Normal?
Hi JJ --

Everything okay? I know I haven't been the best exercise partner, but I did have a bad cold. Since the last time I posted -- I have walked the dog a couple of times, and last night I did a lot of walking in London (because we ended up parking so far from the Royal Albert Hall and don't know the are well -- lol).

I am going to book AquaFit for tomorrow night, walk the dog in a few with my DD, and either do some WiiFit or at least an exercise programme (I saved a few on the Skybox hard drive).

What have you been doing?

Hi there,

I've been a lazy ike as well! Little walking of Pickle and not doing classes or Curves.

I did Body Conditioning again today - its a toning session with weights etc. I can't describe it too well - but she makes you do so many reps of everything and the msucles sure feel the burn.

When I joined the gym I got a free personal trainer session voucher ~ Think I'm gonning to have that session tomorrow evening. I'm not sure what I'm letting myself in for but....

Also supposed to be doing yoga tomorrow as well.

How did the aqua fit go? I haven't done that for a couple of weeks. And I noticed they left it off Thursday evening sessions - I know before Christmas only 4 were attending for a session so I'm not suprised.

Must get back to walking Pickle seriously. I snoozed too much this weekend. :)

What did you do in the Albert Hall? Its ages since I went to London - and I know thaqt it can involve a fair amount of walking if you're not careful. Before I go again I'll have to invest in an A-Z as without a map I get lost easy!

Hope your cold is better - there is a horrible bug going about these days. I haven't caught it yet.... but there's time.

Now I'm off to make some veggie curry - I sure need heating up - its getting frozxsty outside!

Judith & Pickle


Why Be Normal?
HI JustJudith --

I guess we're both easing back into exercise. That's okay. do not want to over do and get injured. LOL

I have walked our Neya today (and yesterday) and plan to keep on doing it. She loves it, needs it -- as do I.

Aquafit is tomorrow night. I'll let you know.

We went to see Cirque du Soliel Totem. It was amazing.

My DH and I will celebrate 24 years of marriage on Tuesday -- and we have started a little tradition of "doing" something instead of getting something. We saw "Jersey Boys" last year. We took our 11 year old daughter with us -- because it would just be wrong to go to a show like that without your pre-teen child. She loved it, too.

I think the personal trainer idea is good -- maybe they will give you ideas that work well.

I'll keep posting my exercise -- and, hopefully, I'll do something worth reporting. ;)

Hi JJ --

I did the aquafit and it was very good. I am going to try and go to the Thursday night class. I know I'll be sore tomorrow -- but I should have recovered by then.

How are you doing?

Wii Zumba has been shipped!!!!

Walked the dog, but little else yesterday. I will do more today -- I hope!

How are things going with you?

Yeseterday I went to Curves ~ signed up for a Curves with Zumba circuit next Wednesday. Seeing I have all the co-ordination of a duck and the grace of a hippo and no rthymn this could be fun!

Tonight I walked Pickle. Along the way we popped into the vet to have her yearly jab. She was actually well behaved at the vets. Think all in all she enjoyed the walk.

Pedometer is playing up a bit, going back to zero a lot of the time.... but I think I did a little over 13,000 steps today.

Tomorrow I will go to Curves and to a Body Conditioning class.

On Monday I had a personal trainer session ~ it came free with the gym membership. I was aprehensive about it but I quite enjoyed it - might see if I can afford another one in a month or so.

I need to be more active this week as I had a gain on Tuesday ~ and I hit the cider last night! ~ & I intend that to be the last one for a long time.

Is it aqua fit you are doing Thursday evening? You'll have to keep me posted. I will try to be more regular in posting as I get back on this wagon.

Judith & Pickle
Hi JJ --

Wow... when my dog even drives past the vet's she gets ancy. Pickle must be a mellow dog.

13,000 steps is very impressive. A personal trainer would be nice -- I couldn't justify the expense. Not with a kid in Uni.

I would love to go to Curves but the nearest one is over 20 miles away -- I belong to a ladies' only gym when I lived in NEw York and I go all the time. It was between my house and job.

Good Luck with the Zumba -- I going to try it at home before go out in public to be mocked! (I am not particulary well coordinated.)

It is aquafit again tonight 7 to 8. I looked into Rosemary Conley because I thought move on to that when I reached my CD goal and completed the programme... but the isn't a meeting in our area. I'd have to drive 13 miles one way. I might do that anyway... as it is near a larger Tescos. I could do the class, then do my weekly shop and head home. That is a ways off -- I lost 3 pounds last week (my first official week)... and I still have at least 2 stone to lose.

The aquafit will be my second "proper" fitness activity this week. I have until Saturday to add a 3rd. I want to do at least 3 proper fitness things per week: could be a long bike ride, fitness class, ice skating with DD, etc. I am trying to find a routine for myself.

I do not count dog walking in this fitness thing -- because I should be walking at 5,000 (if not more) steps a day anyway. (I'd love to do 13,000.)

I have not been able to find batteries for my pedometer, but a friend of mine thinks she has one that will work with one of them. So, I'll get that from her and tomorrow start clipping the pedo on in the morning and if I am low on steps I'll need to get on the stepper or something.

Let's keep at it!


Hey, slow and steady -- we need ot build op our activities and make them sustainable.

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