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exercise on CD?

well, at the moment, I couldn't, I just couldn't. It's a struggle to walk the dog and to be honest one major factor in me deciding to do this particular diet is that I know I don't have time to exercise a lot x


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yeah good point, i know what u mean. i have a gym membership i just dont wanna waste...but i could do light walking and swimming i suppose :) i just want to pick up good habits to last forever....:) x
think swimming should be ok? Swimming always makes me hungry though ... :D x
I go swimming once a week, and that's all the exercise I do :)

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I exercised all the way through the first time, and this time round I've had 9 weeks off with an injury but I'm starting back slowly, more because if my injury than diet.

As long as you don't start new exercise that you've never done before in the first two weeks, when you're adjusting to the new diet you'll be fine. Dont do anything that's beyond your fitness levels either.
I was wondering this too, off to gym for first time not only in about a month but first time ever while SS!

CDC advised to have some protein but to be honest don't want to chance eating anything so having a fourth shake.

Slow and steady it is then x


Laugh in the face of food
Yeah very sensible. I've been today for the first time since my injury and loved it. The only thing I noticed combining gym and CD (I remembered on way home) is that it takes a lot longer to recover if I've over done it, than it would normally. So definitely build up slowly, listen to you body and drink plenty, I drink at least a litre more on gym days x
I'm fairly active anyway but my counsellor advised me to sole source plus it in days I'm doing loads! It helped, then I tried a session of bootcamp, dear god not a good idea! Didn't know if I wanted to pass out or vomit! Not recommended on sole source!
i'm an advocate of not starting anything new on ss but do continue at a lower intensity for the first 2 weeks if you are used to exercise.

i've exercised throughout.

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
I have not done anything for the first 2 weeks. Apart from power plates which my CDC has that anyone who buys a weeks food can go on for free. Gonna start walking and swimming first and then look at zumba.


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aw i LOVE zumba, its my addiction! gonna have a couple of weeks off it tho cos its really hard and i think id pass out on ss!! :)
Zumba is great!! And even on sole source, if you feel a bit faint, just don't work so hard! In my class there's skinny teenagers thru to giant old women, and you get out of it as much as you put in, so you could still go but take it easy. I can manage zumba on sole source, but anything else is a bit much


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aw good....zumba is the only GOOD thing im addicted to!! haha LOVES IT!!! x

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