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Exercise question!


I've bought an exercise bike. Each 10km I burn 228 calories roughly, and I'm trying to do at least 20km a day (I have LOADS of spare time!!).

I'm calorie counting, and eat about 1000 calories a day. I know I should up my calories if I exercise but I don't feel the need to - don't feel hungry

If I have 1000 calories a day, and burn 500 calories, then my net calorie intake for the day is only 500 - is this ok?
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Based on the fact you are on such a low amount of calories to start with, its really not a good idea... is there a reason for 1000?? based on your weight I would have thought you be on a bit more than that as a base rate.

If you don't eat enough food, your body will start consuming its muscles (as they need more energy to sustain compared to fat) so you will remain "fat" and have no muscle tone at all

and not forgetting that your metabolism falls through the floor if you maintain a VLCD (which this basically is) Getting back to normal when you hit goal will be a nightmare, all of the weight piles on again because the body is used to so little food


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Hello sarah!

I think 1000 calories is too low for someone who exercises. If your body is used to eat that, so at least increase your intake to 1500 cals, with the exercise;)


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Yes, it's better;)

Good luck with the diet/exercise!

have you used the myfitnesspal website? It's free, you put your stats in and target weight and it will work out your calorie intake, breaking it down into fats, sugars and protein, you then put your exercise in and it will adjust your calorie intake for you. I do a lot of exercise every day and have around 2 stone to lose but still need a base of around 1200 calories even without the exercise! I am still always under the recommended level but a lot closer that I would have been without writing it all down!

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