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DVD's do work and so do the Wii fitness games but only if you do them!!

I know that may sound silly but I have several dvd's and I have a wii fit and don't use any of them so they are a waste of money to me.

I have a cross trainer which doesn't get used.

I need to do some exercise as I don't do anything either!


exercise equipment - bane of my life lol have tried many a thing, cross trainer, stepper, exercise bike, running machine. Never use them and end up storing them in my out house and then after a year or so selling them!

2010 has got to be my year, I am so fed up of feeling miserable and frumpy in everything I wear and so if exercise is going to help me (which no doubt it will) I am going to make it my new years resolution to find the time!


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I got a Reebok Mini Stepper and just do about 15 minutes a day (at the moment - buildingup to more) whilst watching TV so the time passes quicker. Its a good form of exercise, doesnt cost a fortune to buy and is small and compact. Simples! lol.


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SJ I have one of those and used it yesterday for the first time in ages - planning to again today.


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I got a Reebok Mini Stepper too. 10 min burns about 100 calls and I do it in front of TV. For me is the best exercise. And now Argos sells them on half prise.


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Ive just given myself a christmas pressy of Curves membership. The workout only takes just over 30 minutes so I can leave home, gym then home again in less than 1 1/2 hours so it fits into a day quite nicely.


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I haven't done much exercise since starting SW- I did aqua aerobics and running for a bit but they didn't last and I didn't see any change to my weight loss whilst doing them.

I really want to focus on my health as well as weight loss in 2010 though so that means doing exercise!!


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I am a couch potato and don't do exercise as such. I do walk a bit, and catch a bus to and back from a further stop, but that's about it.
I have a couple of exercise DVDs which I have never even put on. I had an exercise bike which I bought from a charity shop, and donated it back as I never used it and over the years I have had a few gadgets but never used them either.
About 20 years ago I used to go to gym to do aerobics twice a day and I loved it but overdid it and put my back out. I have never been enthused about exercise since!
I have lost my weight with SW without exercise, and I am quite happy with that so I shall continue being a couch potato!


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I got a Wii in July and used it nearly every day(EA Sports Active) till I was ill in october. It's changed my shape totally, I can even look at my knees without wincing now!:D I've got it out again and am aiming to do 30 mins 4x a week minimum. I can tell I haven't done it for a while cos my legs are quite sore today!
It didn't speed up my weightloss, but I lost lots of inches.

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ive jusy done my 1st ever EA 25 minutes and i loved it, i have done exercise all through as with about 8 stones to lose i thought i had better try and firm some bits up as i went, i started with just walking to the nearest postbox and back about 1/2 mile every 2 days and others can see ive changed (im still looking at the 18+ stones person not the 14 +stones i am at the moment
come on get moving anything is better than nothing :)
Walking is the best exercise. It's free, you already know how to do it (I assume!!), and apart from comfortable shoes you don't need any equipment.

I really missed my walks when it was so icy - making up for lost time now.


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I actually found increasing the amount of exercise I did slowed my weight loss - was doing alot of weights - I am sure I was losing inches though - just never measured myself - something that I am going to change this time around.


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Yep it def helped mine! I do 4-5 classes a week - spinning, circuits, pilates and bums and tums. However just being more active within your lifestyle will make a huge difference. For example, if something needs to go upstairs - take it up, rather than leaving it until you are going up anyway - if you see what I mean. Go for a walk during your breaks at work, walk the school run or at least park further away from the school, park far from the supermarket door, spring clean the house, wash the car, etc etc.


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Its funny,

i lost 4 stone 8.5lbs doing sweet f* all..

i went to teh gym 3 times a week for a month. lost f*all..

If i do aquafit or any form of swimming, im garenteed a loss..

Did aquafits with weights a few weeks back.. lost nothing.. LOL

Its so hit and miss with me!


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I have lost quicker with running, swimming, cycling and gereral keep fit. I have noted that my shape has changed dramatically. I also feel so much more alive and fitter.

Phil x

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the last week i was on sw pre xmas was the only week ive stayed the same despite sticking toplan, the nly diff i can think of is no exercise! so, am making sure i keep moving. i do free step on the wii, which means ust stepping up and down whilst watching tv. couldnt be easier


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I got the Your Shape for the Wii which has the camera etc. The woman was shouting at me from the tv as I wasnt doing it right. I think its going to be great!!!