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What kind of exercise do you all do?

I swim for 30 minutes on a Friday while my daughter has her swimming lesson, and i have a Wii Fit, but I don't do anything other than that - don't even walk very much. And I think I need to do something, but I've no idea what.
i've joined gyms in the past, but I'm rubbish at actually going, so it's just a big waste of money.

I think I maybe just need to get out and walk more, but I have a 3year old and a 7month old, and my 3 year old will walk about a mile or so, but after that she gets a bit tired and cranky. Plus, it's hilly where we live, so to ask her to walk two miles up hill might be pushing it a bit. And she won't use a buggy board, or sit in a buggy any more either! Mind you, maybe I could walk when she's at playschool, and hope that Baby Henry has a nap in his pram.
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Got to admit i'm not really one for exercise either hence i've gotten to this state. I have been doing 1 hours of aqua-aerobics a week and try to get out walking at a brisk pace for about an hour 3/4 times a week and it seems to be helping me. It's hard when you've got little people. Mine are 3 and 20 months and i tend to put them to bed and then go out walking about 7.30 ish. At weekend i go walks with them but pace is always very slow.

Good luck :)
I did think I could go for a walk once they're in bed - but I'm usually too tired by then! LOL But I know what you mean about them walking slowly "mummy look at the dog" "oooh, flowers" " a stone! a stone!" Takes forever to get anywhere!

You're doing so well though - 45lb lost - that's loads! Well done you!


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im hopless at exersise i try to use the wii fit and walk but i really need to walk more but at the minute health reason stop me walking and exersising as much as id like to try so i just do what i can and hope for the best.
I have just started a Zumba class - it's amazing! Its like a latin american dance class, its a laugh!

I also hula hoop for 10 mins in front of the TV

Hoping I can keep up the two to help my weight loss!



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i hate exercise i walk alot though and go swimming once a week but other than that zilch


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I got gym three times a week.

30 min son cross trainer and 30 mins on treadmill.. about 450 cals burned if i work out propperly. SHould really do some bike to warm up but i dont really have much time!! Going to start doing some weights now aswell though.. so going to turn one session in to 30 mins cross trainer and 30 mins weights..
I joined the gym today, 12 month contract and paying £27.50 a month dd so gonna make sure I go at least 3 times a week - at least!!!

My induction is on Monday.
I joined a gym as well. The council one, and I get an NHS discount, so only £20 per month. It's now just finding time to go. I should go tonight after the kids are in bed, but I bet I'm too knackered to even think about it!
i walk 4 miles each day to work and back, then im trying to get on my x trainer for 30min a night, tried the gym but was too expensive! so bought my own x trainer as it was my fav thing for £75 :)

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