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S: 17st2.0lb C: 16st5.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.38%)
S: 13st7lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 1st11lb(13.23%)
I ran 5K last year while obese. To be honest I just started slow and did my own thing to build up slowly. My advice would be to invest in a good sports bra (you can get some specially for high impact sports). Start slow and aim to improve each session. Have you had a look a the exercise forum on here they might have some tips for runners. Good luck.


taking it 1 day at a time
S: 12st5.8lb C: 12st5.8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I started the couch to 5k (c25k) program last year. I quite enjoyed it but gave up due to self esteem reasons ( my slim, fit other half insisted on coming with me). I'm considering starting again now that my youngest is at nursery meaning I could go on my own. (I hate exercising with anyone else around)


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 16st5.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.38%)
me too justgina, I hate to exercise in front of people. My husband has been doing exante too, to lose a stone or two but he is fit already, could just get up and run 10 k no problems! (dislike him sometimes!lol)
I just feel I need to run, but I feel I could never do it in day light! Would have too be first first thing in morning like 6 am or when it gets dark at night!


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I jog at the gym, intermittently between walking, on the treadmill. I find at the gym, you don't stand out as much as there's so many other people in there doing their own thing. It started off a bit difficult last month, and I just jogged 1 minute in each 5 minutes of walking. It's about 6 weeks later, and I can now jog for 25 mins non-stop as of yesterday morning (I jogged 40mins in an hour, 25 of those continuously). Oh, and I'm obese (and yes with a very good shock absorber sports bra). It does get easier, I find it happens all of a sudden though, like a switch flicking,



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S: 15st9.6lb C: 15st0.6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 0st9lb(4.1%)
I got the couch to 5k app for my ipod last year, which i found really great, as it tells you when to run & walk. Me & hubby did it and we were doing really well, but then i got severe shinsplints, had to have xrays and everything! and my chiropractor told me not to run, and never have again :(, i do miss it though...Give it a try x
S: 16st12lb G: 10st0lb
I do a boot camp style class called civilian military fitness and yes a good well fitting sports bra is essential but also I have a real lower tummy from being pregnant and I wear a pair of cropped running leggings under my jogging pants to help with wobbly bits. Great at mo as it's so cold. Hopefully by the time the weather warms up won't need them or will be comfortable wearing them. x x x


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 16st5.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.38%)
Thanks dreamer that sounds very positive, I can only dream about running for 25mins non stop! Although before I was married me and dh would go t

o the gym together and I hated it. I was slim and could run then, but I hate the whole gym experience, just not for me. : )

K8te that sounds painful! Ouch! I think I will take a look at the c25k, sounds doable x

Glitterbug where can I get a good bra? I have an apron from my two c-sections, hate it! But I love my babies but it now needs to go! x
S: 16st12lb G: 10st0lb
Next or any sports shop do shock absorber bras. Go for extreme impact. I suffer from 38e bra size so would probably knock myself out without it. Not cheap but well worth the investment. x x x Good Luck
I took the plunge and joined a running club... run 5 miles twice a week now and find running with others really keeps me going whereas on my own i'd stop as soon as i felt a little out of breath. Why not sign up for something small later in the year such as 'race for life' really inspiring and won't put you under too much pressure!! it's an amazing experience too x ooh by the way i wear 2 bra's one normal one and one that pulls over your head so you've got extra support... worth a go! keeps the girls well tucked in!

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