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Does anybody exercise on lighter life? I walk for around 40-60 mins a day at a rather slow pace. How does everybody make the most of the diet? And does anybody know how the weight loss may be slowest down? Any help would be great thanks! XX:cool:
I cycle at least 14 miles a day (often more if I go anywhere other than to uni and back). I swim a kilometre at least 5 days a week and I play badminton once a week and often tennis once a week too.

I don't know if it's slowing me down or not - but my weight loss has been pretty good so far. I have been careful not to "overdo it" but when I'm down in the 14s I want to start running again.

However, I do feel "tighter" and I really enjoy exercising - it puts me in a very positive frame of mind and also uses up time when I might otherwise be thinking about food! :D
OMG Gaijingirl - I thought I did a lot of exercise!! Before I started the diet I would work out about 5 times a week, mainly doing circuits, spinning, body pump and swimming) and consider myself a bit of an exercise fanatic but it did bugger-all in helping me lose weight but I was pretty solid and toned! I've been very cautious about it whilst following LL as I'm concerned that if I make myself very hungry, then I'm buggered!!:eek: I try to exercise now about 3 times a week but I'm mainly swimming and I swim only 30 lengths, whereas before i'd swim 50. I've also started a body sculpt class which is about 10 mins aerobics and then 50 mins, weights and resistance exercises, so find this is ideal. I want to start body pump again this week also as I'm concerned about losing my muscle mass. (I'm on day 21 of LL)
Forgot to mention the whole point of this post was to say I believe it is helping my weight loss as I've lost 19lbs in 21 days.:)
I have been careful to avoid things like circuits and spinning tbh. I LOVE spinning, but I'm keeping my exercise quite gentle. My cycling is just how I get around - so it doesn't feel like working out to me. The kilometre I swim gently. I always used to do it all front crawl as fast as possible, but these days I alternate crawl/breast. The one thing that I've always found made the biggest impact on my body shape was swimming, so I'm treating it as toning rather than fat burning tbh.

Badminton is also quite gentle really. I used to play a lot of squash.. now that is tough!! :D But I'm aiming - when I get down to the 14s to start reintroducing running/spinning and stuff like that.

I think it might be helping my weight loss too. The LL counsellor said my weight loss so far is higher than average. But, like I said before, I'd get bored if I didn't do it, so it's not really about the weight loss for me.