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HI x

Just wondering if people are doing exercise as well as this diet? If so, how much? Is it increasing weight loss? Asked my pharmacist and she didnt seem too keen on me doing exercise so just wondered if it may have any negative effects on me whilst on LT or whether to wait till I refeed so it will help me maintain my weight better??

wud love to hear your thoughts/advice/experiences:sign0163:

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was told to do more as you get near your target if you do to much it can put you in stravation mode as you need more cals to burn so just been doing toneing stuff to start now got my slef a new road bike and cycling 10 miles aday start reffed next week then iam going to do 30 40 mile rides a week and rpm classes bring it on good luck with lipotrim if you follow it 110% and drink lots of water water iam sure is the key you will do well


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Hi Lexyell. My pharmacist said to do what I could cos it would all help with the weight loss. Since week 2 I have been to the gym 3 times a week, it's now twice a week and one swimming session. They do recommend toning rather than aerobic cos of the starvation mode, as Justin said. Just do what you feel you can and listen to your body. I think exercise with any diet is recommended cos of the health benefits. I have had really good losses throughout this and would say to try and see how you get on. Don't go mad and take it easy on the aerobic stuff.


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i have done absolutely nothing but REALLY need to start some toning exercises of some kind...
Hi, i started LT yestaday, gona wait til the first week is over n then its bk to the gym! Although i wnt be doing so much intense workout!

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I started 3 days ago , but am keeping my 3 times a week aerobics up, they said it was ok but I might get tired :confused:
Hi there

i havve been doing pole dancing classes which is great for toning but still offers some aerobic workout too. I am also starting a couple of dance classes next week to up mu cardio. i guess you should do whatever you feel comfortable with, just remember we are not consuming that many calories....

Julie xx


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toning is reccomended rather than cardio as we are on so little calories.

But i have done almost 18 weeks with no exercise (only a little moderate exercise back in week 2/3) but nothing since and my losses are consistent and have lost 5st in 16 weeks :)

its up to you personally though - if you feel you want to do exercise try some but listen to your body - when its had enough stop, one thing you dont want to do is over do it and put your body into starvation mode as your burning off more cals than consuming :)
Im on my 2nd week of LT and have decided to make the most of the light nights. I walk every other night for about 2 hours and bike ride the other nights.

I have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow will let you all know how I get on x


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Thanks guys

some good advice, but tell me more about starvation mode, whats this?? Worried now? Used to swim alot before birth of last baby so when i've lost enough to not worry about getting harpooned i think i'll go back to doing that:character00116: and just stick to the toning and walking i've been doing

Thanks again:grouphugg:


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Here ya go - originally posted by pete10141748

Toning exercise is better for your weightloss than cardio while on a VLCD.

I won't bore you with the science, but here's the basic idea;
you are existing on 500ish cals a day with the VLCD diet
your body requires around 2000(min) cals a day to survive
it therefore burns fat to get those extra cals


if you start doing lots of cardio, you up the required cals for your body to stay living

your body can't convert fat to energy quickly, it is a slow process compared to converting any other substance (including muscle tissues)

if you do too much cardio, your body will panic as it does not have the energy for it, and you risk pushing yourself into so-called "starvation mode", where you body will hang onto everything it has for use at a much more critical later date (i.e. it's better to let your body go wanting now and use the fats when you have been 'starving' for a week, then use it up now and let you starve moreso later on)

remember, your body doesn't *know* that you are trying to lose weight (and in the hunter-gatherer-survival sense, having fat is a good thing as you will be able to live longer without eating), all it does it convert one substance into another (foodpacks into energy, fat into energy) and if one of them gets in deficit or the demand placed on the body to perform is too high, then it will do the exact opposite.

So, in a nutshell, don't overdo the cardio, or you will probably see your fatloss slow down. light toning is fine, but again don't go in for the "muslce building" as on a VLCD you won't be getting enough protien to really build muscle up anyway (and by the end of the diet you will have most certainly have lost some muscle mass too)

Afterthought; muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. 1lb is 1lb, wether it is a pound of brick or a pound of feathers.

The difference is, 1lb of fat takes up more physical room than 1lb of muscle, as muscle cells are streamlined and fat cells are bulky.

Diagram to help explain;


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good to know the science behind it, will def just stick to toning and walks with the kids:family2:
hi new to the forum..had first weigh in today and lost 11 pounds! That info was great about the exercise..i lost six and half stone two years ago (unfortunately i put all back on!)..and never knew that!

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