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Extra Easy: Oat So Simple porridge pots

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by skinnycowtobe, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. skinnycowtobe

    skinnycowtobe Full Member

    Hi, sorry I've done a search for this but couldn't find the answer - does anyone know if the Oat So Simple pots can be used as your HEXb? I know they're 50g so too much but if I tipped a bit out? I know the sachets can be used as HEXb but really not sure about the pots, I'm really fancying porridge but want to check before I eat it! Thanks :)

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  3. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    Sorry I don't think so as they have extra things and coatings on them so they keep in the pot and microwave. Either syn the pot or buy the basic porridge oats that are free and loads cheaper!
  4. Pinklace

    Pinklace Full Member

    No not anymore they were removed last January
  5. orla126

    orla126 Full Member

    i buy the box with 12 sachets. 2 minutes in the microwave and they're done. they are really handy for work.
  6. But I don't think that the sachets are 35g, so not a healthy extra?

    I get a box of Scotts Old Fashioned oats, weigh out 35g, cook it in the microwave with double the amount of water, takes the same amount of time as the sachets and costs about a third of the price. Supermarkets own brand are even cheaper, but I prefer the texture of the Scotts.

    (Tesco Scottish Porridge Oats - 12p per 100g; Scotts - 21p per 100g; Oats so Simple original - 62p per 100g)
  7. orla126

    orla126 Full Member

    The qucker original sachet is 27g amd fine for HEb. I might try a store brand to see what they're like. I'm going to buy a set of food scales for my office so I can expand my lunch choices :)

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  8. skinnycowtobe

    skinnycowtobe Full Member

    Thanks all, I do have just plain porridge oats at home but I saw these on offer so picked them up on the off chance. I've given them to my OH now lol! Going to get some of the quaker sachets for work :)

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  9. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    I like my food too much to deprive myself of the extra 8g in a HEx! I regularly take porridge to work and like Anna, I just buy a big box - it's so much cheaper.

    I use a lock 'n lock type box (actually a 600ml Store & Serve one from Lakeland) and put my oats and liquid in the night before, place in fridge ready for the morning. 2 mins in the microwave at work and it's done. (I take fruit in a separate container also prepared the night before)'

  10. That's a neat idea!

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