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extra easy plan

:( hi all i joined slimming world last tues 19 may 2009 im a little confused wat is the best plan iv opted for the (extra easy plan) but i feel im eating too much and not sure if im doing it right i know u can have 1a choice and 1 b choice on the healthy extras,, and know about free foods...... but its the combined meals im confused with???????e.g meat and potatoes as on red or green day 1 or the other is a syn but it states on extra easy there both free foods and can eat as much as u want how do i lose weight and will i benefit from it ? and is muller light free as im eating a 200 g pot with fruit but feel its too much but it states on extra easy mullerlight is free ???? my typical day is on (extra easy) free food fruit
jacket potatoe
cod fillet
mullerlight yog
healthy extra
a)250ml skimmed milk
b)shredded wheat bite size 28g

tinned chilli 100g (2.0 syns)
28g chedder cheese (5.0 syns)
meragne 2.5 syns total 9.5 syns

am i doing this right or wrong it just seems alot but booklet states eat anytime any where on free foods but how can u lose wait if u keep eating surely its down to portion size very confused weather this works :break_diet:
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It works.

You have to trust the plan hon, but I know it can be hard to do when you first start as we're used to hearing that you have to eat *less*

On Slimming World, you can have unlimited amounts of the free foods, and measured amounts of the healthy extras and the syns.
The secret is not so much portion size, but to stop eating when you're full.

The weight I've lost so far has been with slimming world. I've been on extra easy since Jan this year.
well done on ur weight loss its just really confusing at times xx the book doesnt explain about portion size just to keep eating thts whats confusing and some foods r syns on red and green but both classed as free food on extra eay plan ? il just see how my 1st weigh in goes on tues xx thanx for reply xx


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well done on ur weight loss its just really confusing at times xx the book doesnt explain about portion size just to keep eating thts whats confusing and some foods r syns on red and green but both classed as free food on extra eay plan ? il just see how my 1st weigh in goes on tues xx thanx for reply xx
The reason that the book doesn't mention portion sizes is because there *are* no portion sizes.
On Extra Easy, all the foods that are free or red and green, are free - so you could have...a roast chicken dinner, with chicken, boiled potatoes, various veg and it would all be free - unlimited - and no need to worry.


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May I ask what is the Extra Easy Plan and how does it work? I started SW yesterday but I bought my bookf off Ebay and am doing it at home on my own, so I would appreciate any help you may have, thank you ....


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Hi Donnie. Check out the SW website as I too am going it alonme and I printed a extra easy 7 day plan off there and it tells you all about it.


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Basically, it works in the way stated above lol

On Extra Easy, everything that is a free food on Red & Green days are free on Extra easy...so instead of having meat as free food but using potatoes as a healthy extra, on Extra easy you can have meat & potatoes as free food together on your plate.
Instead of having two healthy extra a choices and two healthy extra b choices, on extra eay you are allowed to have one a and one b only, because many things that you would have used as a HE (such as potatoes on a red day) are now free food.
Syns are still there to be enjoyed, but now you take the lower syn values - so if something is 10 syns on a red day and 5 syns on a green, you now take the lower syn value...

Not sure if I'm explaining it very well...but it is easy, I promise, and it works.

Any questions, just yell


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Thank you for your replies, I am new to SW and just trying to sort it all out in my head as it is quite tricky at first I think or maybe I am just thick!!!


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No It is hard to get your head around at first. Im new to the extra easy plan as it was just green or red days when i first joined. I too am a bit dubious to the xtra easy plan working, but it must otherwise it wouldn't be an option. Just seeing how my first week goes. Good luck!


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It's like learning a new language, you won't be fluent after 1 week! There's a lot of info to take in at first, don't worry it becomes second nature after a while.The difference is before we come to SW we associate dieting with starving yourself. The rrealisation that you CAN eat all this food and lose weight is wonderful. I think most of us had doubts the first week and were suprised at the scale. Alot of the food you eat is low density for calories, and has a high "fill you up" rating, so if you are doing the plan properly you shouldn't feel hungry . (but for some reason alot of folk find they are hungry on red days, perhaps only having small amounts of meat) Stay with it, and us! You will soon be losing weight more easily than before! Good luck!


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You are so right Judimac....I look at my plate and I think OMG I can't eat all this, but when I check through the handbook again whether it be a red or a green day I am amazed to find that I really can and it is all free food (well almost all)....I was doing WW points and I can't help thinking of the points values as I plate up my meals or have a snack, I must remember to keep thinking SW, SW and make that my mantra, then I can enjoy my food without feeling guilty that I have gone over 'my points'!!!!! I wonder if anyone else had this problem at first?
Hi Donnie
Yes I know what you mean... I have tried every diet out there, basically since I was 9 years old when puberty hit me... and hit me hard. lol
I have tried Rosemary Connelly where you have to read every label and 'work out' percentages etc, have tried WW where I have to 'work out' my points... I even tried SW a right few years ago now, and to be honest I think I failed on it because I wasnt eating enough, I still had it in my head that I couldnt eat so much, and I didnt.... I mean, Im 38 now and its been drummed into me through other people, the media, doctors etc that to lose weight you must eat very very little.
But THIS time on SW, Im going by the book, and believe me, I am eating more than I ever have and have lost 4 lbs in my first week on Extra Easy.....


Slow but sure....
Me too Debby...I have been fat for most of my life starting in childhood, and apart from my teenage years when I was quite slim (probably due to all the extra energy I had then) I have been fighting a losing battle, I have tried them all even a liquid diet, I had some weight loss with WW 6 years ago (3½ sts) but it crept up again and I started the WW point system again, but this time it just did'nt work I think I was so sick of points that I was bored with it.

So I am going to try SW and I feel sure that I shall do better, I am already 'fired' up and rarin' to go........so good luck to the pair of us

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