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Extra Easy Question


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I think this may a really stupid question but on extra easy they say fill 1/3 of your plate with superfree, so if you have spag bol its ok to fill the spag bol with lots of superfree stuff but not have to have say a salad on the side?

Also, say for breakfast I would have scrambled egg n beans, do this mean I should have some mushrooms and tomatoes with it to make sure I get my superfree quota with that meal?

Sorry if these are really dumb questions but I'm just wondering

Thanks x
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Hi there,

That's exactly how I understand it. If there's a third superfree in your meal, you're sorted.

I found it weird because I thought, if i was full on say Spag Bol, to make it count on EE, I'd have to force a salad down too. That's not the point. I think it's more about having the superfree to bulk out the meal so you ultimately eat less of the free (or not free!) foods.

Like a portion controller. Have this much free stuff, you can reduce the size of your regular meal.

Hope this helps. I am new(ish) as well so if that's wrong, someone will correct me!


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Yeah that's right. Like if you're making a chicken curry you have a portion of chicken, a portion of rice, then your curry is bulked out with Superfree by making it with onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, whatever. As long as a third of your meal is *made of* superfree food that's all that matters.

Or, if you can't think of much superfree stuff to put *in* your meal you can serve veggies or fruit on the side - but if you do this you ought to eat the superfree stuff first and at the very least calculate it so that the non-superfree meal portion-size is no bigger than two thirds of a plate. (It's no good filling your plate with meat and rice/potatoes and then eating fruit on the side *AS WELL* ;) ) The superfree stuff is to control the portion size of the other stuff.

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