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Extra Easy weight losses?


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I didn't lose at all, I consistently put weight on! It does seem to be working well for a fair few people on the boards though.


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I'm the same as Helen, I don't lose/maintain on it but we have had some great losses at group so it's a case of try it and see.

There is nothing wrong with eating "normally", in fact, that's the great thing about SW - it's as "normal" as you'll ever get with a diet plan!!


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I only started this week ad have done mostly EE so no advice, sorry, but i will let you know how i get on at my first WI on Tuesday.
i tried the extra easy a couple of days a week for a few weeks and either put on or maintained, i went back to red and green days last week and lost 2lb after about 6 weeks of no losses. its definatly not for me but as with other people there are a few new members at my group who are havin amazing losses.
Ive done SW before, lost a pile of weight by doing mostly green days, prob 6 out of 7 per week.
Since rejoining class ive done EE all last week and ive lost 5 pounds, which is about the same as previous 1st week loses.
Suppose everyone is different, but I feel so bloated after my pasta at lunch. Think I'll be sticking to tuna salad next week


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Hi there, i had very good weightlosses on the ee plan, between 2 and 3lbs per week, until i went off plan. I am back on plan now and into my second week. My loss for last week on ee was 3lbs, i get weighed tomorow so will let you know what/if i lose x


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Found it really kick started my losses for about 6 weeks....was really struggling with the last 6 lbs!! Then it slowed up so I found that mixing up EE, red & green helped. Back on EE now to maintain, but have now gone under target, so think if poss you need to keep your system on it's toes by changing things about a bit every few weeks.

I've just joined this forum but joined SW four weeks ago and have been doing EE since I started, I lost 6lbs first week, 1.5lbs second week and 3lbs for both third and fourth week. The majority of our group who've tried EE have had good losses but it doesn't seem to suit everyone, as there have been a couple of people who've had gains with it.

I would say give it a go - the scales will soon tell u if it's not for you!

Good Luck!

Christine xx


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun that's another 2 off for me this week so that is 5lbs in 2 weeks on ee plan x


This is really the time!
As a SW veteran, I am finding EE hard to get my head around. But, it is my sisters birthday tomorrow and we are going out to eat. So, I may give it a go tomorrow.
I like ee and it fits in better with the rest of the family, have lost 11.5 in 5 weighins, good enough for me, although a bit slower than when I stuck to green alone.
I lost 4 last night and 15.5 in 6 weeks on ee.


This is really the time!
I guess it is just like any plan then. Because in the days of just red and green, some would maintain for a few weeks, some would lose a little a week and others were flying! So, ee seems no different to that. Am trying it now. Alittle scared. But, nothing ventured nothing gained.
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I've been doing SW for about a year and have found my weight losses to be the same on average on EE as on the old red/green days.

The difference is I LOVE the food on EE- it really has given me new enthusiasm as I was getting a teensy bit tired of the same old recipes.



Still Climbing That Hill!
I started on the 10th March and have lost 8lbs (yesterdays WI) I did 5 EE 1green and 1 red and even had one of those eat all day, day's, last Friday, i don't know if EE will work in the long term for me but it's kick started my weight loss journey and im happy with that!

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