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Extra Easy who does it???


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i do it and love it have only ever did ee started in august its a little hard to get your head round i can eat all that and still lose weight but yes it works and is the best


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So youve lost 3 and half stone on Extra Easy?? Wow Well done :) very impressive, i loveit, altho it was hard going from 2 A's and 2B's to one of each but ive got used to it now :) its brill bacon sandwhich for breakfast and jacket spuds for lunch!! how much more untill your at target?


I am one of the 63336
I love EE.

I lost 3 stone on original/green before EE was introduced and was very sceptical of the plan when it was introduced. They I wandered away from SW for a while but am back now and only do EE. I don't know if it takes longer or not but it's 'normal' eating so that's fine with me xx


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This is my second time round at Slimming World - just couldn't get my head round EE last time. When I re-joined in November I decided I was ONLY going to do EE, and I'm SO glad I did! My weight always comes off slowly, and I feel that on EE I'm not really having to try to lose the weight - I can still enjoy 'normal' eating without really having to think beyond making sure I don't 'cheat' on the A and B options!

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I dont loose very much if anything at all on EE. I think it suits some people better than others, but as a starter EE is a fantastic way to introduce the new way of eating for them.


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I love EE too, I started to do it at weekends after being on Red and Green for about 4 months, and I enjoyed it so much that I am doing EE more and more now - It really does work......


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A good tip for EE days- If you know you're going to want more than 1 HEXa or b, try having a free breakfast ie baked beans, quorn sausages, poached eggs (or fried in frylight), bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, the list is endless! I also like to whip up an omlette! So easy and quick! Then you have your HEXs to use later in the day for other things! Sometimes however, only porridge will do for me and I just live with it and either go without something I would otherwise have wanted (eg bread) or have it and syn it! I try and keep my syns quite low to allow for these things if i haven't completely planned my days food which often I haven't!X


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I have really got used to not having so many HE's i love lets just hope my loss next week is as good as this week x


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I have done red and green in the past but fell off the wagon each time as I find them too restrictive. Since re-joining I have only done EE and won't ever go back to the other plans. You'll get used to the HEXs.
For me, it doesn't bother me at all and I don't always have them. Naughty I know but I don't always feel like them.


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Me too

I am nearly 2 weeks in on the EE plan and in the first week i lost 10lbs which was amazing for me as i normally loose max 4lbs..it took me a while to get used to the whole you can eat almost anything green or red but once i have got round this i feel i am eating loads.

I dont know how this weeks weigh in will be on Friday but even if i loose at a steady rate at least i dont feel deprived of nice things i enjoy to eat which are pasta, rice and potatoes and meat.

Good luck to you all and fingers crossed EE works for us all


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I have just started SW and am following the EE plan. I just need the stability of know what I can eat for the rest of the week and not worrying day to day of what plan I am following.

I syn anything that I don't have as a healthy extra.


Hi There,

Well done on all your fantastic losses. I have tried a few EE days here and there and I must say it is a much more "normal" way of eating. The only thing that worries me is that some people have said they don't lose as much as with original/green. I need to see some good losses over the next 3 weeks as I'm going on holiday. Would you suggest sticking to EE? Also are things like Bachelors pasta n sauce still free on EE?
Thanks xxxx