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Extra Easy


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I have posted this in the SW query thread but I thought I'd also throw it out in the open here, in the hope someone could help.

Please excuse my ignorance but what is Extra Easy? Could someone please explain in the simplest terms :eek::Dwhat it means and how it affects my food choices?

Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere but I'm still finding my feet on the forum.
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I think....

You eat 3 meals a day, and can mix green and red free foods (so potatoes and chicken) without using them as HXBs. You then syn as normal (if something has 2 syn values - green and red- you take the lower one). You only have one HXA and one HXB. And I think you're meant to have 1/3 of your plate filled with super free foods...

Hope this helps and is at least partly clear.
Oh, and you can snack on super free foods.
why thank you kind lady!
Yerp that is my understanding of it as well
Yep that's it. You get one HEXA and one HEXB, unlike doing red and green days where you get two - as has been said.

Just to mention though: it's not compulsory to eat 1/3 of your plate with superfree food, it's a suggestion that will boost weight loss. You should (in theory!) still loose steadily if you eat unlimited red/green free foods, one each HEX and 5-15 syns.


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Thank you kjs.

I think that may be pretty much how I follow the plan anyway.

Meaning, I'll often mix red and green using my free foods and HEXbs. For example, on a red day I'll have a chicken with a HEXb jacket spud (or vice versa making the chicken a HEXb)

So I can still eat that the difference on this plan being there's no need to weigh, right? And I stick to 3 meals a day? Do I have to have super free foods on 1/3 of my plate?

Sorry if I seem like I'm rambling, I'm just trying to get my brain to absorb it by making up meals in my head so that I understand.

Edit: Just seen northernboi's post. Thanks!

as a fount of all knowledge, would you mind having a peek at my food diary and check I'm doing okay???? Don't seem to be shifting any weight...Thanks.


Where's Skinny Minnie?
1/3 isn't compulsory as northernboi says but superfree is a boost so it's best to aim for it. Sounds like the plan could be ideal for you based on your HEs you have already :)
Yeah, but on EE you don't have to HX them.

And no, you don't HAVE to have 1/3 super free, but it might boost loss...

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