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Extreme Diet Program on BBC 3


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Not sure if any of you watched this - it has just finished, quite interesting and sad in many ways people of 10 stone becomign addicted to diet pills etc. But also a huge amount of LL bashing, although they did not mention it by name, they did show the shakes and soups. Really made me angry that they only showed one negative story, and did not show anything positive, nor did they interview any LLC's, yet they did for Weight Watchers!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr

This diet is doing wonderful things for me, and so many others, I am proud to be on the programme.

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hi there
missed it - is it being repeated do you know?
daisy x


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I watched it last night too. It was originally on BBC2 a few weeks ago. I was really annoyed with them too as they actually admited that the lady on LL got gall stones because of the amount of weight that she had lost not because of the diet she was doing. It was quite obvious that it was LL as they didn't block the packs out completely!!! But it was quite scary when she was talking to that dancer who was a size 10 and thought she was fat!!!


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I'll have to catch it on iPlayer this week. One of my group has developed gallstones and lots of hair loss.
I didn't see the programme but can imagine LL got a bashing-it is an extreeme diet and will always have it's critics

thin inside- pretty much everyone suffers hair loss as a result of this diet but it all evens out when you start eating again.
Also, anyone who has been significantly overweight has an increased risk of developing gall stones, especially if you lose weight quickly. That's why they remove the gall bladder when they do gastric bands or stamach bypasses. Your group member's health problem would probably have happened no matter what diet they were on.

There are a few people on here who've had gall stones (serentiyvalley had his out not long ago after reaching goal). I think there's a thread about it somewhere. Maybe try and direct your group member to it so they can get a bit of an insight into the whole thing?


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I have just watched this and you can find bad sides to every diet. I got gallstones when I was just eating a low fat diet. Choosing the low fat foods in the supermarket. Funny they didn't mention this. But then again it wouldn't make a good program. My skinny sister also had her gallbladder out and she doesn't even diet!



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Yes about 28 minutes in!

Same old ill-educated crap really!

Wow - a few fat people lose weight and have gallstones. Suddenly that is the fault of the diet rather than being the fault of being overweight - very odd (non-existent) science going on there! There is evidence that obese people are more likely to suffer gallstones, and also that rapid weightloss can assist this process, but it does seem to be onlay an occasional thing, and the scientists do not really understand it all yet so it really is stupid to pull out a "sensational" story in an effort to denigrate what is a great diet for most people.

You can tell how poor the problem is going to be by the presenter - not really a journalist just an actress who was very fat and is now somewhat thinner and seemingly rather smug about it!
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I just watched it on iPlayer. Interesting! They were basically dissing ALL the methods of dieting lol
Call me ignorant but may i please ask what are gall stones?? How do you get them and why??
Sorry if i sound stupid but i'm not English and i'm blonde ;)
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It's on youtube too, if your not in the uk.
Youtube channel is called TheDocumentaries's


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Oh i have watched it just dont know what gall stones are ;)
And i live in SE London lol


is Magdalicious
S: 17st6lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st5lb(19.26%)
Can't tell you on here hun lol
Don't wanna get stalkers (joke)
I'll send you a private message in a second


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Ha ha, I could do with a few stalkers of the hot sexy men variety!!


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