So, I started the EOD diet NEW book by Dr. Krista Varady

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  1. alipally

    alipally Serial Dieter!

    I watched the Horizon programme with Dr Michael Mosley last year and was interested in the idea of fasting for weight loss and also fasting for health benefits.

    I listened to Dr Varady's interview on the programme with some interest as only her research was on actual people, who wanted to lose weight. Admittedly the studies were quite small, but they were sufficiently powered to show that weightless was possible in the long term with Modified fasting every other day.... (not 5:2). I also paid attention to the reasons that Dr Mosley gave for not wanting to do this (too hard... didn't really want to lose much weight..... looking for the other health benefits, more than the actual weight loss) and 5:2 was what worked for him personally... there is no research to back up the efficacy of the diet... just personal experience and anecdotal evidence (i.e.: the man next door lost 10lbs and I heard of a woman in the London losing a couple of stone doing 5:2) and some assumptions based on every other day fasting, Chronic calorie restriction and some studies on mice.

    I bought the 5:2 book last year and did it for 6 weeks... I lost NOTHING! :(....

    Dr Krista Varady published a book this year with all her research in it... I'm impressed by the numbers.... 90% of weight loss is fat Vs 75% of weight loss being fat on conventional diets. Good evidence to support long term maintenance using alternate diet days (1000 cals instead of 500cals on fast days) a year of study showed average regain was around 2lbs which is acceptable in my world!

    The study also looked at how often people 'cheated' on diet days.... and found that on average cheating occurred 17% of the time, but importantly the STILL lost weight!

    I've done Cambridge diet with success in the past, but it's just so antisocial, not being able to eat with friends for weeks and weeks, that I thought that this would be a more acceptable lifestyle that total abstinence from food!

    I'm only 3 days (2 diet days) in and already I've lost 1.2kg! I'm absolutely delighted with this excellent start!! (the book also advocates daily weighing as a tool for success, and this is supported by research evidence)

    Planning on charting my success here as I have a lot to lose again!
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  3. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hi Alipally I just had to reply to you as your story is so similar to me. I had heard of 5:2 but not tried it, I could imagine making all sorts of excuses why I should push my fast day back by another day etc. I also wasn't sure I could stick to a fast! I heard Dr Varady on the radio last week and a lot of what she said made sense to me, more importantly it was backed up by science. I have tried many diets in my day, most of them in fact although not VLCD. To cut a long story short I started on Monday, had 3 diet days and 2 feast days up to today and have lost 10 pounds! Now I know that won't happen every week but it's a fabulous start to keep me motivated. I only got my book yesterday, had been trying to stay off the scales but now realise she feels you should weigh every day so I'll go back to that.
    Good luck with this, it seems so sustainable and lifestyle friendly to me!
  4. Maka

    Maka A New Woman

    Hey ladies, I have a couple of questions. When you do the EOD, does Dr Varady say the days have to be days as we know them(hope that makes sense) or can a day be a selected time period e.g. 3pm till 3pm?
    I'm seeing success with my 3pm-3pm regime but wonder if I should revert to "normal" days so that I am in the fasting period for more than 24hrs.
  5. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hi Maka, I don't remember that being mentioned in the book but if it's working for you then I'd keep going....

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  6. 2012willdoit

    2012willdoit 2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes

    The logic would be that you get a longer than 24 hour fast. I eat early in the evening and have never done supper so, I eat at about 6.30 on Tuesday night, I then have a Down Day. So no breakfast and from 0 - 500kcals the rest of the time that I am awake that on Wednesday. When I wake up on Thursday I may or may not have breakfast before 10, often I don't get time to eat until about 12.

    6.30 pm to 6.30pm = 24hours
    6.30pm - 6.30 am = 12 hours

    That's a 36 hour fast as a minimum for every Down Day.
  7. alipally

    alipally Serial Dieter!

    she doesn't specify, but to my thinking... if you start eating again at 6.30pm you leave yourself open to overeating for the day, because when you get up the next morning and then eat 3 meals again you've effectively eaten 4 meals in the 24 hour period .... also consider that the fast isn't total. She recommends a 400 cal meal and a 100 cal snack (saying that meal should be lunch or dinner) She also recommends only eating on 1 occasion, as this gives less opportunity to underestimate calories........ and all the research is based on calendar days, so it's probably better not to mess, especially if you're new to this. (as I am)

    Well I'm on my 3rd fast day today. I overate on Saturday with curry/wine/cheesecake and ice cream (MFP put it at 3000 calories :eek:) The scales haven't moved either, which I'm not too surprised about.

    I've also invested in a fitbit to measure my daily activity, there's a big part in the book saying that we should all be taking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day and by combining exercise with the diet will double the amount of weight lost.... so I'm embracing the challenge! today is day 3 of wearing it.... I managed 11,000 yesterday by doing things like taking the long way around the supermarket shopping. Standing up rather than sitting down.... doing the ironing whilst watching TV, making lots of journeys up the stairs with bits and bobs (instead of amassing a pile of things before going upstairs!) It really is the little things that add up when it comes to being active.

    Will let you know on Thursday what my weekly weight loss totals are!

  8. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    You and I are reading the same bits of the book at the same tim! I would love a Fitbit but it's not in the budget at the moment so I have downloaded a step app to my phone. Of course I don't carry my phone at all times but it's a start...

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  9. alipally

    alipally Serial Dieter!

  10. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Ooooohhhh thank you!

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  11. littlemisspiggy16

    littlemisspiggy16 Silver Member

    Hi Alipally. How's it going? So are you basically doing 500kcal days every other day rather than just 2 a week? Good luck! :)

  12. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Yes, Emmster, that's exactly it.

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  13. LadyJayne21

    LadyJayne21 Member

    Hi sorry to barge I on your thread...I'm finishing the cambridge diet this Friday and am thinking of going straight onto every other day fasting. I'm worried I'll put weight on coz I'm coming off vlcd. Do you think I will still lose weight going straight onto this diet? Got another stone or stone and a half to lose just couldn't afford cambridge anymore!

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  14. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Gold Member

    I'd think you'd still lose over all but will regain glycogen weight first. Xxx
  15. LadyJayne21

    LadyJayne21 Member

    Thanks Carrie. Will try not to get too disheartened! Xx

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  16. littlemisspiggy16

    littlemisspiggy16 Silver Member

    Morning! :) How's everyone today? Hope the fasting days are going well.

  17. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hi Emmster, fasting today after an UD yesterday. How are you getting on?

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  18. littlemisspiggy16

    littlemisspiggy16 Silver Member

    I am a day behind you as fasting today! Wish me luck, hehe.

    Hope your fast went well!


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