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Failed dieter trying a different way!

I am an expert dieter! I’ve been dieting for over 40 years, and can lose weight really quickly, but keeping it off is the problem. Low Carb diets are the worst for me, the weight drops off, 5 stones in 9 months, but as soon as I started eating again 4 of them piled back on in a year. The only way I could have kept them off would have been to stick with the Low Carb diet, and I just couldn’t afford that,
My weight has gone up and down like a sparrow on a pump handle and it can’t be doing me any good at all. I shall be 60 in 2 years time, and I am determined to be down to 10 stones by then.
At the moment I weigh 16st 12lbs and my joints are suffering.
No way am I going to starve myself, drink only liquid diets or eat copious amounts of cabbage, been there, done it got the T shirt. I’ve decided to tackle this from a different direction and be in it for the long haul.
I started yesterday, making myself have 3 meals a day, good plain healthy food, fresh veg and fruit. I’m making myself sit down for everything I eat and my goodness, yesterday showed me how much I used to snack.
I’m not weighing till next Monday, and I’m not looking to lose a hell of a lot at a time. Slow and steady is my watch word from now on. The only diet that worked for me, long term, was Rosemary Conley so I’m leaning towards Low Fat. I’m not going to put myself under any pressure: If I want to have a take away, I will have one and not beat myself up… just move on. I’d like to lose 5lbs a month for the first couple then 2-4 a month, I’m aiming to get to 14 stones as my first mile stone but not setting. a date
I don’t know if this is the right place to keep my diary but no doubt someone will tell me.
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Hey Dorcas, welcome to Minis!

Perfect place for a diary, and what a great first entry. I think with that determination you'll definately get to 10st by your 60th year. Your plan sounds incredibly sensible, i'd be interested in seeing your diary combined with some sort of food plan of the day so that I can get inspiration and see what kinds of foods help in the effort of managing long term weight loss.

This is a link to the forum technical support which has several little step by step tutorials on the forum, including setting up a weight loss tracker in the signature area.

Good luck with it! Love the username by the way, It reminds me of a great welsh novel that i studied for my GCSE's.

Love Leah xxx


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Welcome Dorcas, and join the club in more ways than one! Sounds like you have your head round it so let's hope your body follows.

Good luck x
Thank you ever so much for the welcome, I feel proper at home here.

Well, bear in mind that this week is only an experiment, and I’m only hoping to lose a pound… and could quite easily gain a pound! So don’t let me influence you!

This is today’s menu:

Breakfast: banana smoothie made with skimmed milk 2 slices wholemeal toast, no butter, but had a scrapping of honey on it.

Lunch: Home made onion soup, ryvita x2 baked apple (in microwave) stuffed with sultanas, no sugar. Small amount Low fat icecream

Tea: Home made carrot soup. Large piece of cod, poached in microwave with a few prawns… so prawns are salty… so sue me! Broccoli & runner beans. Fresh peach

Bedtime I shall have a low fat low cal mug of Horlicks… If I’m hungry I can’t sleep… If I can’t sleep I eat!

Emergency rations (to stop me picking) peeled broccoli stalks cut into sticks… lovely and sweet.

I’m having 3 pints of water a day. This isn’t considered half enough by the diet gurus but they aren’t nearly 60 and permanently piddling all night are they? 3 is enough for me!

The soup is just a soup bowl full by the way

I forgot to say thank you to Blue Grapefruit. I've had a look at all you suggested and will try very hard to do a ticker, but not promising anything. Watch out tomorrow!
4 days in and still going strong. I'm trying not to think of this as a diet, more of a new way of life and so far, early days I know, but it seems to be working.


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Well done Dorcas. So much easier when you can think of it as a way of life, especially with lovely lunches like this
Lunch: Home made onion soup, ryvita x2 baked apple (in microwave) stuffed with sultanas, no sugar. Small amount Low fat icecream
Yum yum :)

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Hi Dorcas, and welcome! "In it for the long haul" is just the best idea, and I love your menus so far! Can I join you the next time you have the cod and prawns dinner, please? (But frankly the whole day sounds great!)

I look forward to keeping up with your diary.
Hi Dorcas, just wanted to add my best wishes for your whole new start. I think you have every chance of cracking it like this. I too am opting for the cutting back option and exercising. I like Rosemary Connely as well and found success with her at times in my life, but honestly it's just about balance and sensible eating. Looking forward to watching the pounds go donw on your ticker and mine too hopefully!! :)


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Welcome Dorcas, you seem to be in a very good frame of mind. I am following Rosemary Conley and I love it. So feel free to jump on that thread ( we are a small but select following ) lol No offence to non RC followers lol xxx

Good luck i`m sure you will do great xx
Hello everyone and thanks for the encouragement... Hope I don't let you down on Sunday morning when I weigh. Yesterday the family had chips so I had some too. Though mighty funny chips they looked I can tell you. I baked a potato and when it was cool cut it into chip shapes(more or less) sprayed them with that 1 cal stuff you get in the supermarket and browned them in the oven. They wouldn't have won any beauty contest but tasted wonderful with my bit of chicken.
If I'm a bit down on Sunday and have to go back to the drawing board to rethink this new way of eating, I know you'll all pick me up and help me get going again.
5lbs off!!!!

I know most of it is water weight, but I’m still over the moon because I was looking for about that this month and to do it in a week has really made my day, because I haven’t exactly starved myself have I?

Yesterday the family had a ‘naughty’ tea… a fry up. I joined in and grilled my bacon really crisp, passed on the sausage because I didn’t have any low fat ones, poached the egg and boiled the mushrooms. They (family not mushrooms) didn’t feel guilty for eating in front of me, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I had.

Roast beef for Sunday lunch. I can’t stand beef so will be having a chicken fillet with the vegetables the family are having, but substituting the roasties with a jacket potato.

We are a bunch of tennis nuts and always have strawberries and cream in front of the TV whilst watching the ladies and men’ finals
I joined in yesterday and will do so again with a bowlful but mine has sugar substitute and low fat ice cream.

Considering this week has only been an experiment and I wasn’t sure if I’d gain on it, I’m really, really delighted with tail up for next week.

I’d like to thank everyone who has posted during the past week, you have given me the lift to get through this first week
Well done on the 5lbs Dorcas! That's a great first week loss.

I'm doing WW but must express my deep love for Rosemary Conley's chocolate mousses. There are times when they really keep me on the straight and narrow :)


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Her speaks the voice of reason! Dorcas, keep this up and you've cracked it. I am absolutely convinced this is the way forward; finding a plan you can live with and slim with, without too much pressure.

Will be watching you with great interest.
Well done on the loss (and the ticker!!).

I love your style of writing, i could read hundreds of your posts!
Is that your little dog Barb? Gorgeous! We have a lab at the moment but have had everything from a Yorkie to an Old English, and something, God knows what was in him altogether, you had to offer a biscuit to to see which end was facing you.

Thanks for the compliment Blue grapefruit!

I can't believe I'm on week 2, but I got here thanks to everyone helping me through week 1.

I feel as if I've been put through a wringer this morning after that men's final at Wimbledon yesterday. Never mind strawberries I'd practically chewed the arm off my chair by the final set.

Good luck everyone!


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Yes, thats my Ozzie! He is nearly 4 and we all adore him! he totally rules the roost.
Hope week 2 goes really well for you; I am sure it will.

It's my week 2 weigh in on my food diary plan tomorrow; bit worried as had a bit of a wild weekend. Hoping for 1 lb off as that will feel like progress, know it won't be more than that. Don'twant toSTS on week2 though, that would feel very lame!
Ah Barb... how dull life would be without the odd cheat along the way! Enjoy it, make it worthwhile, then back on the diet straight and narrow. How many people do you know, who have lost huge amounts of weight but didn't have any fun doing it? Bet they put it all back on again.
I'm keeping everything crossed for your weigh in.

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