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fancy dress


When is it and do you mind paying for stuff that's not too expensive.

Reason for asking is that there's a lady who sells stuff on ebay that she makes herself her name is helens_party_pieces
have a look. I'm sure you'll get something good quite cheaply :)
5th may ........i'lll have a look .thanks
bump .please x


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Is there a theme to the party???

Are you going with a partner?? or a crowd of people??

How old are you?? (roughly will do!!)

And then will put my thinking cap on!


somebody shrink me
Ok, as a student, I've thrown fancy dress costumes together fairly cheaply...

GI jane/army chic- easy peesy, done this one twice. first time got an oversized camoflage t-shirt from the market for about £3, and stuck a belt round the waist to give it shape. wear with jeans/leggings/cargo trousers. 2nd time I bought a camoflage dress from new look (they still have them) and did a sexier version. put dirt on face. camoflage hat from market (or army and navy stores) about £3ish? dog-tags about £2

Pirate- stripy top + whatever the heck you like on the bottom. kiddies pirate set including gun, eye patch etc about 2-3 quid

schoolgirl- duh! black or denim skirt + white shirt + tie + freckles drawn on face! pigtails and long socks optional!

roman goddess- use a white bedsheet and fashion into a toga. gold jewellery.

mummy- buy a couple of rolls of bandage and wrap yourself up from head to toe!!

cowgirl- check pattern shirt, denim skirt, and cowboy hat- about £3 on market or £4-5 in shops like internacionale. gun optional

hawaiian- loud blouse/top, grass skirt (with something underneath to hide your modesty!) flip-flops

moulan-rouge- (not done this myself, not for the faint-hearted!!) corset, sexy skirt/no skirt:eek: suspenders, feather boa etc

hope this helps!! I'll put my thinking cap on and try and come up with some more!! this is fun- it's reminding me of the days when uni was fun and i didn't have so much work that I wanted to kill myself!! lol
computer has been down ....................thanks for all those suggestions ............decided to go as the tooth fairy ..........as nobody knows what she /he looks like ..............so i can go in normal clothes!!!!!!
well i will make a glitter sign to hang around my neck ..............don't want to look as though i haven't bothered !!!!
Mary Poppins!!

I could see you as Mary Poppins Susan!?

Diana x
Hhhmmm see your point Dizzy....definitely came across as Mary Poppins to me as well ;)

It must be that quiet reserved nature :eek:
thankyou sally .................how are u doing ? xx
Hi Mustdoit

I'm fine thanks and you? Not sure whether to call you Susan or mustdoit :rolleyes: Been backwards and forwards to Reading and Swindon and commuting to Exeter each day next week so been a bit frantic.
Did you see my post in the SW meetup thread about going to the Bath Spa june/july. Penny said she would like to go but said you really wanted to dress up (not this fancy dress - although may raise a few eyebrows :D) and go to the pump rooms one day
no i didnt see your thread ....................but yes penny andi do want to be ladies ............in june or july
Too posh

No way you will get me in a dress/skirt at least not until my fat ankles disappear and that could be some time :rolleyes:
Maybe we can arrange a date suits us all and you and Penny can go do your posh bit at the pump rooms and then join us for a couple of hours at the spa (especially as Pip has challenged me to lose 2 more stone and then she'll be paying for me :D) Mind you - don't think my food and alcohol blow out last weekend :giggle::giggle:will have helped that - but back on track now....
sounds great .............what was your loss this week ???xx
Wrong week to ask

Ah well - it was 0.2 of a kg - somewhere in the realms of ounces i think :rolleyes: I was away on a course in swindon last week with lunch provided (couldn't quite resist but kept to salads and yoghurts apart from the tortilla wrap!!!) and at the weekend we had some friends around and i cooked a meal (mushrooms, stilton and parma ham for starters, beef stroganoff and rice for main and they bought tarte citron for dessert:eek:) so a couple of ounces off i thought was quite an achievement ;)
But i am back ssing - although OH has thoughtfully invited some friends around for a bar-b-q tonight so this week should be better. I'm just short of 4 stone off so far though.

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