Wedding dress skinny - wish me luck


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I’m completely new to this but thought trying something new and posting on here would be good for accountability.

I’m starting my Exante journey in the next two weeks in the hope to slim down into my wedding dress by August. I’m picking the dress up next week and plan to start the following week, giving me a few days to emotionally prepare myself for the work need to get into it.

I’ve managed to lose a stone since January by calorie counting and trying to live a healthier life, but I’m starting to worry that the other 2 stone I need gone won’t move in time. When I ordered the dress the size I went for wasn’t unreasonable but that was at the start of COVID and I’ve ate my way through the last few year. So now, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Is there anyone who can give any suggestions on do’s and don’ts from experience?