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HI Dee....woosh i have finally got time to myself and so can answer your message.

Firstly as i said before...everybody slips up. Look at me i have decent losses then go and ruin it all by putting it all back on because i constantly eat crap. everybody does it and it seemed to me like i did more and more but i packed it in and im feeling better for it.

Dont ever use the word fail...thats assuming that you have totally stuffed things up and they cant be fixed. BUT THIS CAN BE FIXED. you just need to get in the right mindset and have something to motivate you. make the hubby take you out for a nice (doesnt have to be expensive) meal or do you have any events coming up....christenings, weddings, birthdays etc??

Me thinks you need new scales...its is impossible to eat 5 stones worth of food in 2 weeks...thatd be 245 000 calories....thats impossible lol!

Im really sorry to hear about your hubby...is he doing better? its a good thing hes out of hospital but i can see why it makes you comfort eat, but its done with now and its important not to dwell on it. its just a blip and you can soon get past it. I believe in you and so does everybody else.

do not take this lying down! you need to appeal because theyre greed t****** and you are a very very very very strong person and you can get whats owed to you. whether it be that decision changed or your ideal weight. you just need to focus....not on what your eating or what could or may happen but focus on your kids and on your husband and on your friends and you'll see how easy you get along.

then news from work today that they won't retire me on health grounds...I told you all about that before... I am going to appeal it but don't know if I'm strong enough

using the slim fast products i dont think you shoudl follow the CS concept that closely. you may find it easier to have your shakes say for breakfast then one on an evening when the kids are in bed. reading up on slimfast you can have a 600kcal meal? then have a proper meal (obviously dont have chips and really unhealthy stuff) sit down with the kids and your husband and eat together as a family....you dont feal like you are depriving yourself and it seems more 'normal'

that will leave you with 300 kcals.....well theres recipies for 200 cal meals on the cambridge section (i'll find them for you and pop them on here in a bit) so you could have lunch or snack idead from there or if you good during the day...save your extra calories for alcohol...

im going to go hunting for the calories in them for you and see what we can do for under 300 calories.

Just remember dont beat yourself up, youyr a fab lady and youll reach your goal in no time...

and you are ALOT stronger than you think!

ps....sorry for the super long post!


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Hi Kels,

You are wonderful :D Its late now and everyone is in bed as I should be but so down don't feel like going to bed :( Then I come on here and see your posts...you make me feel so much better! I should be feeling good as my eldest and his drama friends made a movie which premiered tonight!!! It was great so professional and I am so proud of him and all his buddies!! I am going to get back on track on Monday...I need this for me...thanks so much for your support, please stay in touchxx

sharon kim

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hi dee you ok


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Hi sharonkim,

I'm ok now, I've had a bad couple of weeks personal stuff which hit eating plan badly....getting back on track on Monday and I know that will make me feel better...Thanks x

sharon kim

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hi glad your ok , i wasnt being nosey its just theres only normaly me up and about at that time lol i have insomnia


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I know you weren't being nosey honey!!! I suffer from insomnia myself when things are bad and they are pretty bad at the moment but I need to drag myself out of this black hole and get back on the right road....nobody else can do it for me...its nice to know you are around when I need someone xx

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