FAO Kamimnix

Hi Hopefuldaisy,
You have to plug it in I'm afraid. But its FANTASTIC!!! I'm sure others will agree with me. It mixes the shakes to perfection no lumps, no powdery taste. It crushes ice better than anything else I've tried. I've even mixed a pack for a muffin in it...although it took ages to scrap out it was the best muffin I've made! I've made soup for the rest of the family in it, juiced apples for my apple mad daughter....the list is endless. Oh and it so easy to clean and a bargin buy.
Kamiknix x
What am I doing wrong with my genie - it didn't crush ice well at all and I didn't want to leave it on for too long in case the element burnt out. Which blade do you use?
I like it otherwise though.