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FAO: Pete and sulleyp

Hey Ken, I did post this in the October starters recently but I guess many people might not read that thread.

I'm still here lurking sometimes, at the moment I've had to come off LL as I'm not well (a medical issue that I don't want to put on here as I don't want newer members of the forum thinking it could be related to the diet even though it isn't).

I'm going for further doc advice/possible scans soon and might need an op to remove something that shouldn't be there, and although pysically there's no real reason why I can't be on LL, mentally I just can't concern myself with it right now.

Hope your journey is going strong! :)


Gotta Make A Change
hey pete yeah the journey is going good, on rtm at the moment and with the support of these ladies its flying by :)
hope its nothing too serious and you can get back on track soonish
Daisy x


The Minis Bad Boy
Oh man do I feel a fool. Im sorry guys and girls (especially mum), I have totally been neglecting my homies. Forgetting where I actually come from. I feel like Barack Obama..... :(

I am here people I will make an effort.


Gotta Make A Change
Haha feel like Barack Obama lol


Gotta Make A Change
hey sulley i just wanted to apologise about the london meet not going ahead, i will organise one and will make sure it happens, or i think 1 is already being organised somewhere here
Yeah, Jez and I starting talking about it and posted an arrangement. It is on Sunday January 10th at Westfield - Shepherds Bush. I will find the post and bump it back to the top Sulley.

Kat xx

I just had a look and cant see it. Anyone else know anything about it?
No, fraid not. We decided we have to pick a day and stick to it knowing some could and some couldn't otherwise we would go back and forth and it would never come off as has happened previously.

We are hoping several people will be able to make it.

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
thanks for upping the post kat :)

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