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FAO zoebelfast

hey tweety, im here! umm, i wudnt imagine there wud b that many places! unless mayb u go 2 the chinese and have chow mein? or sumwhere like franny and bennys r tgis and have a plain steak and potatoes!! if i were u, i wud jus forget slimming world and get back on track on sunday...to much nice food to b tempted by haha!


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
maybe i will . friends want to go to pizza express to get ww pizza know this is about 9 points but nort sure of the syn value. maybe try and get somewhere that has baked potato am going up 2morrow and will mayb have a look at he menus .really wanna lose ths week :p
ahh! ur very dedicated...wish i had ur willpower! i went to the red panda 2day 4 lunch and had not only a main course but i starter as well! r u headin to c the tallships?


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
yeah unfortantly were supposed to be goin to cinema to see the ugly truth but friends wanted to go up to see tall ships. tried to get out of it but they were very persistant so had to say yes even though i would rather spend an hour and a half with gerrard buttler!
lol! sure theres always nxt time 4 the cinema! i went to the tall ships yday, it seems well organised but unfortunately the shitty weather washed us out! hopefully it brightens up 4 use today :) were do u live?


shrinking granny
we are heading to the tall ships this afternoon, not looking forward to the crowds though. :(

I am going to be sensible and have my lunch befor we go, I wont be tempted with all the food sellers that will be there
Hi guys, Im in Larne (but dont hold that against me lol)
I have heard that there is a LOT of walking involved up at the tall ships, no parking close by at all, so anything bad you have for lunch you can walk it off lol :D
theres loads of shuttle buses! its pretty well organised (for a change) but i think they hav an overload of crowds 2day cos they were giving out on the radio for ppl to hold of until later to go!
we are hoping to go down to carrick tomorrow to watch the sailway, have been working and dd was away in portadown at the glens match today so tomorrow is our only free day.
Just thought I would join in as I'm just back from Tall Ships. What a fab day we were there from 10.30am. Plenty of walking but no food for me. I couldn't find anything sw friendly. Did any of you have better luck? Thankfully I had taken a Hifi bar with me, but oh my goodness I was starving. I've just had a bag of sliced carrots, Pasta N Sauce, banana and 1/2 curly wurly. Think I also deserve a glass of wine.
coffeepot03, did u travel up by train or bus.
fatbunny, ended up getting a taxi as it was pouring with rain when we left. Had to get a taxi home as well as instead of going to Laganside we would have had to walk to Europa - don't think my children could have managed walking any further.

There were shuttle buses going between the sites but we ended up walking.
Hey everyone

I went last night and it wasnt too bad although the muck round the Odyssey was AWFUL lol and I was in wee pumps - talk about comin out like a stinker! I treated myself and had one of those German sausage things yum yum yum!! Didnt get onto any of the boats though the Q's were massive. Did all who went have a good one??


shrinking granny
Had a good time at the tall ships yesterday:D
We got there about 3.30 and home at 10.00, like most we walked from the train station and between the venues, didnt fancy being stuck like sardines in the bus, the train was bad enough.

And, I didnt eat a thing, I made everyone a healthy lunch before we went.

To be honest the smell of fat comming from some of the vendors made me feel sickly.

As I live in Carrick we are going down to see them head off.

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